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This section contains 3D CAD BIM files of products, features and technical data that may need consideration by architects and self-builders. Click on any of the files below to download. For advice on our documentation, please call us on 0800 138 6688.

Resources Sectional Doors

File Type Size
220mm headroom detail PDF 132KB
Guttomat Pegasus Low headroom PDF 413KB
Guttomat Pegasus NB standard headroom PDF 426KB
Pegasus Low headroom Guttomat matrix_Pegasus_Low headroom DWG 459KB
Pegasus standard headroom Guttomat atrix_Pegasus_NBVertical section T2 DWG 907KB


Resources Side Sectional Doors

File Type Size
Side sectional 3D and plan detail DWG 1,181KB
Side sectional 3D detail PDF 122KB
Side Sectional Config 1 PDF 23KB
Side sectional Config 2 PDF 21KB
Side sectional Config 3 PDF 22KB
Side sectional Config 4 PDF 18 KB
Side sectional plan detail PDF 244 KB
Threshold and floor guide details side sectional GIF 74KB