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Ensuring a coherent style between internal and front doors

Why Did You Choose Deuren?
I wanted a company which would create bespoke doors to fit my exact requirements. My home is very personal to me and I’ve spent a lot of time working to get it exactly how I wanted, so the doors needed to reflect my style completely.

What Impressed You Most About Deuren?
Deuren designed, manufactured and fitted the doors so the whole experience was seamless. They understood that I wanted a coherent style between my internal and external doors, and worked hard to make sure that all my doors looked like they belonged together.

How Did Our Contemporary Doors Fit into Your Project?
I wanted a minimalist style with optimum functionality. In some rooms, the doors blend seamlessly into the wall so as not to detract from the décor of the room, whereas in other spaces the doors in themselves are a feature. The soft-closing function of the doors also really impressed me as it prevents damage to the door and feels more high-end.

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