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November 20, 2017

When Should I Consider Doors In The Design Process?

At Deuren we’re used to creating bespoke doors for clients looking for something different. They carefully thought out renovations or new builds make use of contemporary doors in many ways, from a feature piece of furniture to help keep their home warm. But where do doors factor into the thought process of clients, architects, and interior designers? And should they be factored in earlier? Doors can provide a real boost to the look and feel of your home. From modern front doors that scream minimalism and would not be out of place in a sci-fi film, to a traditional red door that is the epitome of quaint design touches, they really set the tone for your home and help you deliver the aesthetic you’re aiming for. Contemporary internal doors can also add to the design of your house, helping complete your interior décor or add a splash of contrasting colour. Doors should be considered as early as the planning stage, even before you’ve decided what you’d like them to look like. Door sizes can vary greatly, but standard sizes are quite small. Svetlana Filippova, a renowned Interior Designer, agrees that doors should be thought of early in the design process, “The decisions on which doors to have comes at the very beginning of the project and is usually determined by the style of the property and the interior that needs to be created.” Unfortunately, however, reality can be quite different. Jean-Louis Eveque of Slightly Quirky states “Sadly, they tend to come a bit later in the design process. Architects often specify doors and we have to go with the flow.” Quality plays a big part in the process of choosing new doors. Svetlana says, “The quality is also something my clients are keen to have when selecting the doors.” Indeed Jean-Louis agrees, stating that safety and usability come top of his list when picking out the right door for clients. Architect Paul from Claxton-Hall Architects also agrees, saying, “I believe the quality and design of the doors are a major factor in achieving the overall feel and look of the property that we wanted. The standard ‘run of the mill’ doors that are so often fitted as they are easily available from merchants and can ultimately compromise the project in design terms.” This is where Deuren can help. All of our internal doors are handcrafted in our factory to the highest specifications, and we use suppliers such as Topic for our front doors, which come with RC3 safety as standard. We can help you plan the right door for your home from the outset so that you know your house will be as secure as possible. From our talks with architects and interior designers both at Trade Shows and on live projects it’s clear that whilst doors don’t come into their thinking straight away, they do play a big part in the build and design thoughts. They all admitted that the doors should come into play earlier in the process, especially as many clients are searching for big, statement pieces to really make an impact. Security and safety is also a major issue for the majority of clients, with the ability to keep houses safe and warm a top priority. For more information on internal and front doors from Deuren, please feel free to give us a call.


Svetlana Filippova was born in Leningrad, (later renamed St. Petersburg) Russia, in 1967. Having left school in 1984 she chose to continue her studies in the more technical field of aircraft design in St. Petersburg before moving to Britain in 1992. Now known by her shorter name, Lana gained formal qualifications in interior design. She now works as an interior designer, whilst still painting and undertaking many commissions. You can visit Lana’s website or follow her on Twitter. Slightly Quirky are a London based interior design company offering Inspirational, fresh, contemporary and… slightly quirky. But more importantly, interior designs in tune with your aspirations, lifestyle & budget. You can visit their website or follow them on Twitter. Claxton-Hall is a small practice based in Fakenham, Norfolk, providing architectural services from inception to completion. We take pride in providing practical, aesthetic and economical design solutions for a variety of projects. The practice has recently morphed into Claxton Hall Architectural Ltd, formerly known as Martin Hall Associates Ltd, a well-established practice for more than 30 years. You can visit their website here.