A captivating front door to meet a ‘UK-made’ brief

Door Style

Pianura 2


Concrete Grey


Single with overhead transom

The Objectives

This stunning West Yorkshire property required a contemporary front door that was every bit as awe-inspiring as the build it would dress. However, it needed to remain true to the exterior’s character and unique features. Our client was passionate from the outset about buying British and chose to consult Deuren because of our inherent values and a mission to keep our manufacturing process on British soil.

Deuren's Solution

Given how keen our client was to opt for a wholly UK-manufactured door, we discussed the possibility of our Pianura range. These exquisite doors are manufactured solely in our West Yorkshire factory, which only added to the appeal for this homeowner. He settled on the Pianura 2 design, which features a vertical glazed panel that runs parallel to the section that carries the striking handle. It beautifully complements the red-brick exterior encasing it. The door’s sleek finish is complemented by the silver accents of the hardware and the overhead fanlight serves to add interest. 

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