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January 15, 2019

The benefits of trackless bi-fold internal doors

There’s been a huge surge in the trend for bi-folding doors over the last few years and it’s easy to see why. Aside from providing a striking design feature and focal point, this type of door system allows natural light to flood into a space and is a great way to create partition in a larger area.

There are various systems on the market but to enhance the overall aesthetic of the room and really maximise the impact of bi-folding doors, trackless ones have the edge. Here, we take a look at the main benefits of trackless bi-fold internal doors and consider how they can elevate a space and add real appeal.

How do trackless bi-fold doors work?

This type of system doesn’t require a base track running across the floor of the room. This allows for a seamless, flowing appearance between the rooms when the doors are opened fully. Deuren crafts trackless bi-fold doors hinged within the door units for an unrivalled operation when it comes to smooth and free-running opening. Simply put, that means there’s no visual clutter by way of a threshold strip or metal track. We’re one of only a select few UK manufacturers to offer such a clean, visually appealing door system to beautifully blend in with any interior design.

Whether you opt for internal bi-fold doors will depend entirely on your own preferences and the available space in the room. If you have extensive wall space, you might consider pocket doors (also trackless), which slide completely out of view and into a wall cavity. Bi-folds, however, suit smaller spaces or those keen to implement a feature in the middle of the room.

We can work with a door frame width of up to eight metres for maximum impact. Want to know more about trackless bi-fold doors? Get in touch today for expert advice.