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Bi-Folding Internal Doors

What is a bi-fold door?

Resulting in dramatic effect, bi-fold doors comprise of connected panels that are hinged together, run on a track and fold up against a wall. They’re made up of multiple leaves and when fully pushed back can reveal an expansive space. 

Our bi-fold doors do not currently come in a fire rated version. Max width for this product 6m and max height is 2.9m.


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How does a bi-fold door work?

Bi-folding doors run on a tracking system and fold in on themselves in a concertina movement. They’re fitted to runners and slide and fold at the same time in a seamless motion.

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Why choose a bi-fold door?

These doors are an attractive addition to large open-plan areas if you’d like to create beautiful division between rooms, while simultaneously giving a sense of space. They’re a great choice for providing insulation and soundproofing and, as well as serving as a stunning focal point, they’re fantastic for allowing natural light to flood into darker rooms if glazed. Choose folding doors for a versatile system that meets most structural opening requirements and is a great space-saving solution.

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What are the benefits of a bi-fold door?

This extremely flexible internal door configuration can be made bespoke to suit almost any requirement. At Deuren, we’re dedicated to devising practical door solutions that remain at the fore of innovation while offering precious space-saving qualities and a luxury aesthetic. Our bi-folding doors run on a floor track. But when they’re open, visual clutter is kept to a minimum, allowing for a seamless continuation between rooms. Every emphasis is placed on style and design here – with no compromising on convenience. You can specify bi-fold doors up to a maximum width of twelve metres and a maximum height of 2.9 metres. 

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