25 Sep 2020 - Front Doors

How to choose the best luxury front door

Your main entrance door should set the tone for what lies in wait over its threshold – it should offer a hint of what’s inside to visitors. When attempting to choose the right statement entrance door, bear in mind that it’s entirely down to personal preference and the style of your home. The best luxury door is one that’s personal to you and your family and aligns with the existing appearance of your home.

Here, we take a look at what to consider as you research and scope out your new front door and aspire to that air of luxury and an appearance to capture the attention of passers-by.

Traditional vs contemporary

Your choice of luxury front door will be dictated by the style of the rest of your home. Whether it’s an exceptionally modern new build, a characterful quaint cottage or a period property with beautifully ornate features, your entrance door should complement its exterior. It should work in harmony with the design found throughout the rest of the property and can transform the entranceway to your home.

Look at oversized exterior door design for effective statement style. As double-height ceilings become increasingly popular so too has the demand for grand entrances that have real impact. However, it’s worth mentioning that oversized entrances require discussions with your architect in the early stages of a build.

The best luxury front door is the one that’s right for you and your home – follow that general rule and you’ll inevitably enhance your property’s kerb appeal and likely even add to its value. Get top tips for external door design.


Glass panels within or surrounding the frame are increasingly seen in the front doors of contemporary builds. While providing the obvious benefit of being a striking focal standing proud at the front elevation of the property, glazing or glass panels work to help more natural light flood the property. They help the space to feel bright and welcoming, even if they’re frosted for privacy. Glass is a stunning and versatile material. Head over to our front doors page to find out more about configurations and glazed panels.

Colour and finish

Pastel shades have long been paired with older homes for that cottage feel. However, calming pastel hues look stunning on individual contemporary builds or homes in busy cities too – especially if you’re trying to soften a darker exterior. Alternatively, opt for bright colours like a cobalt blue or blood red to add strong statement style. Whichever colour and finish you choose, ensure you remain loyal to the type of home you’re buying for. Think about how your colour choice will look in situ alongside the colours of surrounding brickwork and building materials. Your front door is a visitor’s first impression of you and your home so consider your existing interior style and give a nod towards what lies within in your colour choice.

A perfect match

If you’re renovating the property’s exterior in its entirety (and budget allows), consider your luxury front door alongside your garage door. Matching all doors that feature on the front of the house creates a distinctive and coherent finish and sets any property apart from its neighbours.

Want to know more about luxury front doors? Get in touch and we’d be happy to talk your through your options.

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