Self-build resources

We frequently work with self-builders on their dream homes, lending inspiration and expert advice from our 25 years’ experience in door manufacturing. We know the highs and lows of self-building and are always on hand to help however we can. Take a look at some of our self-builder resources and get inspired today.

09 Feb 2024 - Garage Doors, Architects, Front Doors, Self Build, Company News, Internal Doors

Unlocking value: Why Deuren doors are the epitome of outstanding value.

Discover unparalleled value with Deuren doors. Experience the perfect blend of quality craftsmanship, affordability, and efficiency.

12 Jan 2024 - Self Build

Navigating the costs of building your home: A comprehensive guide

Embarking on a self-build project? Grab your calendar and book into a self-build home show. Here, we share our selection of unmissable events for the year ahead.

03 Jan 2024 - Self Build

The best self-build home shows to attend in 2024

Embarking on a self-build project? Grab your calendar and book into a self-build home show. Here, we share our selection of unmissable events for the year ahead.

15 Dec 2023 - Front Doors, Garage Doors, Self Build, Architects

Crafting festive elegance: A guide to elevating your front door decor with expertise and finesse!

Explore the rich history of wreaths, delve into enchanting Christmas traditions, and discover tips for creating stunning designs. From DIY tutorials to professional services, let your front door make a statement this season. Embrace the holiday spirit and transform your home into a festive wonder with a touch of creativity and a dash of seasonal joy!

08 Dec 2023 - Front Doors, Garage Doors, Self Build, Architects

The art of protecting timber front and garage doors

Discover the measures taken by Deuren to ensure the durability and protection of their timber front and garage doors.

17 Nov 2023 - Self Build, Company News

Deuren doors: As seen in…

Inspiring self-builders and renovators nationwide: Discover where Deuren has been published this year.

12 Sep 2023 - Self Build

Designing a foyer that leaves a lasting impression

With a thoughtful marriage of design, architecture, lighting, and fittings, a foyer can become a dream gateway to the rest of your home. Learn more.

01 Sep 2023 - Self Build

Tax benefits for energy-efficient building materials

To encourage self-builders to adopt greener construction methods, the government has introduced tax benefits for sustainable building materials. Learn more.

01 Aug 2023 - Self Build

A guide to the passive house standard

Passive house standards are raising the roof on sustainable living - but what options are out there, and how can you achieve them?

28 Jul 2023 - Self Build

How to self-build profitably in an economic crisis

Financing options, leveraging technology, and identifying fruitful plots - it’s all in our guide to a profitable self-build in a cost-of-living crisis.

26 Jun 2023 - Architects, Self Build

Self-build kit houses UK: pros and cons

House kits: self build project’s key to success? Here, we explain what home self-build kits are, unpack self-build costs, and weigh up the pros and cons.

23 Jun 2023 - Front Doors, Internal Doors, Garage Doors, Self Build

Homegrown artisans: Why choose British door manufacturers (UK)?

Proudly British, Deuren is a front, garage, and internal door manufacturer (UK), supporting homegrown talent and heralding many other benefits.

Here, we take a closer look at some of these, including tighter stock control, closer monitoring of product quality and working practices, and a reduced carbon footprint.

07 Jun 2023 - Self Build, Architects

What is the Right to Build scheme?

Did you know you have a legal right to build or commission your own home, in the area you wish to live? Learn more about the Right To Build scheme…

22 May 2023 - Internal Doors, Self Build, Architects

Internal door sets: finer details that make a difference

Door hardware contributes to your home's overall aesthetic. Here, we delve into the finer details - from handles and hinges to internal door and frame sets.

12 May 2023 - Self Build, Architects

How to find a plot of land for self-build projects

What is a self-build plot, and how do you find plots of land for self-build projects? We answer these questions and highlight key considerations.

03 May 2023 - Internal Doors, Self Build

What is a pre-hung door set?

What does ‘pre-hung door’ mean?Here, we share what makes up a pre-hung door set and how to install them successfully. Learn more.

26 Apr 2023 - Front Doors, Internal Doors, Garage Doors, Self Build, Architects

Concrete-look doors: A contemporary aesthetic

Concrete doors can add an understated level of industrial luxury to your home. Here, we explain how to achieve the much-sought-after concrete look.

15 Mar 2023 - Self Build

How do self-build mortgages work?

Can you get a mortgage for self-build projects? What does a self-build mortgage cover? Discover our guide to self-build mortgages, including how to secure one.