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We frequently work with self-builders on their dream homes, lending inspiration and expert advice from our 25 years’ experience in door manufacturing. We know the highs and lows of self-building and are always on hand to help however we can. Take a look at some of our self-builder resources and get inspired today.

09 May 2022 - Self Build

Completing your self-build: the final stages

In the final stages of your self-build? Here's a checklist for the final activities and considerations required at completion stage, ahead of moving day.

23 Mar 2021 - Self Build

Lockdown Easing: Where does the self-build sector stand

Many building sites ceased work during the earlier stages of lockdown – a necessary decision to keep workers safe. Now, as businesses re-open and life begins to return to some form of normality, many self builders are keen to pick up their projects. This detailed guide should help clue up anyone embarking on a self build as to how work can commence and all workers can stay safe.

18 Mar 2021 - Self Build

Planning a self-build project? Get the need-to-know tips before you start

With potentially substantially lower costs than if you were to buy an existing home, it’s little wonder more and more people are choosing to self build. It’s an upward trend in the UK and our self-building sector accounts for between 7-10% of completions. If you’re considering taking the leap to build your own home, our helpful guide discusses the all-important considerations for self-build success.

16 Mar 2021 - Self Build

7 tips for a successful self-build project

Embarking on a self build? It’s likely the biggest investment of your life and a project you’ve thoroughly planned. However, if you’re a novice, you’re bound to be keen to ensure your build runs according to timelines or you don’t go over budget, for example. Take a look at our guide for some key tips to ensure any budding self builder is as prepared as possible.

20 Jan 2021 - Self Build

Top tips to allow more natural light in your home

Natural light flooding the home is great for many reasons. As well as boosting moods and wellbeing and bringing with it a sense of freshness, natural light also helps rooms feel more spacious and can save money in electric bills too. In fact, natural light is now referred to as a must-have in the family home.

29 Oct 2020 - Internal Doors, Front Doors, Self Build, Garage Doors, Architects

Creating the dream home – the must-haves

Whether you’re building your dream house from the ground up, extending an existing build or carrying out simple interior renovations, a wish list for your dream home is likely your starting point. Smaller budgets will of course mean simpler designs and efforts to maximise space – it’s complexity and fine detail that add to the cost, after all. Your vision will be dictated by your lifestyle, the way you use your living space and your budget. But, if money were no object, what would your dream home look like?

20 Jul 2020 - Self Build

A guide to the passive house standard

If you’re a self builder constructing your property from the ground up and keen to design it as energy efficient as possible, look to the principles of passive house (or passivhaus or PH).

06 Jun 2020 - Architects, Self Build

How to find and brief the right architect

If you’re hoping to kick-start a self-build project later this year, it’s vital you find the right designer for the job – and provide them with a thorough brief. Here, we take a look at why choosing the right architect for your build is the most important decision you’ll make and consider exactly what should be included in their brief.  

11 Feb 2020 - Internal Doors, Self Build, Architects

The finer details: why door handles and hinges shouldn't be overlooked

Your internal doors are an essential feature of your home. However, as well as providing a practical function, they also serve as an intricate design aspect and are part and parcel of your overall design scheme. Here, we consider why the finer details of your internal door – including handles and hinges – should take up just as much priority in the planning stages as the door itself.

08 Jan 2019 - Self Build, Architects

Living coral: How to style the Pantone colour of the year 2019 in your home

Colour-matching brand Pantone has revealed the shade of 2019. We take a look at how you can style Living Coral throughout your home.

28 Sep 2018 - Internal Doors, Self Build, Architects

New Wood Finish - Olive Ash

We are excited to introduce a new wood into our stock of interior door designs.

18 Sep 2018 - Self Build

Choosing your interior designer

Choosing an interior designer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when making changes to your home. The person, their ideology and their style will impact how your home looks. We’ve given you some top tips below for choosing the right interior designer for your project.

11 Sep 2018 - Self Build

Make the most of small places in your home

Making the use of small spaces in your home is efficient and can add a contemporary edge, so we’ve put together some smart ideas to cleverly utilise the small areas in your house. The space under your stairs presents endless possibilities to suit near enough everyone.

10 Sep 2018 - Self Build, Architects

Planning permission or permitted development?

If you’re wanting to build something new, make a major change to your building (e.g. building an extension) or change the use of your building, you’ll probably need planning permission. You can find out if your project will need planning permission here.

18 Aug 2018 - Internal Doors, Self Build

Internal doors - things to consider when building or renovating a house

Good quality contemporary internal doors can dramatically affect the style and feel of a house. They are the key centre pieces of a room, making the first impression as visitors as they enter your home.

18 Jun 2018 - Internal Doors, Self Build, Architects

Solid or hollow doors: which is best?

When choosing a door for your home, it’s worthwhile taking some time to consider the material within its core. A quick look at the pros and cons of both solid and hollow doors to make an informed decision will pay off.The type of material contained within your door can make a difference to its durability, life expectancy and many other aspects.

18 May 2018 - Internal Doors, Self Build, Front Doors, Architects

We have a new showroom

We have opened our brand new on-site showroom, in readiness for further growth and the unveiling of our latest product lines. We have crafted more than 7000 doors since bringing our manufacturing operations in-house in 2014, and we have achieved steady substantial growth.

18 Apr 2018 - Internal Doors, Self Build

Why buy an internal door set?

We know that internal doors are a vital part of your house’s overall look, and you need to take care when deciding what type and style you’re going to go for. Various factors need to be taken into consideration, such as your current living space, as well as functionality.

18 Feb 2018 - Internal Doors, Self Build

Hanging internal door sets

Changing internal doors can instantly update a space and breathe new life into your home. If you’re wondering if hanging a door is a task you can undertake yourself or you’re questioning whether you should bring in a carpenter or installer, take a look at the key pointers below to help your decision.

Got a project in mind?

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