bespoke wooden garage door

Bespoke garage doors

A true work of art

Bespoke garage doors are unique by their very nature, allowing you to bring never-seen-before style to the exterior of your property. From futuristic stainless steel inserts to Georgian style panelling, our bespoke garage door design service allows you to create something extraordinary that extends far beyond a simple functional feature. 

Taking in your entire homefront for a cohesive appearance, we’ll design and manufacture bespoke garage doors that work in perfect harmony with your property. With a range of styles, woods, colours, and special finishes, plus two configurations to choose from, our bespoke garage doors may be original designs, or could be a fresh take on one of our existing styles

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Why our bespoke garage doors are technically superior

Made to measure in the UK, our bespoke garage doors are created solely for you by our expert craftsmen to guarantee the highest quality product. With state-of-the-art technology and distinctive designs, our garage doors deliver the most breathtaking impact in your property.

Handmade in the UK

In our Yorkshire-based factory, every Deuren garage door is carefully crafted with the finest materials, then expertly finished and prepped for installation. This means you’ll benefit from tailored customer care, quicker turnaround, a premium-quality product, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Matching garage and front doors

We can create matching front and garage doors to ensure a cohesive home exterior that’s sure to turn heads. Matching garage and entrance doors achieve a continuity of style and function that boosts kerb appeal and, in many cases, even property value.

State-of-the-art security

Our bespoke garage doors are fully equipped with the latest technology and security features. All our doors are built to ENV 1627 and designed to withstand forced entry using heavy hand or electric tools. Garage doors are tested to RC2 or RC3 levels, which certifies a resistance time of three and five minutes, respectively, should an opportunist criminal attempt a break in.

Engineered solid timber

Look inside a Deuren door and you’ll see the core is made up of multiple layers of hardwood. This improves the stability and performance of the door and ensures it remains resistant to warping, that can occur due to changes in its surrounding environment.

With you, from design to installation

To create your bespoke garage door, we’ll start with your vision. Then, our experts will construct the design and surveying measurements, before manufacturing your custom work of art. For a full end-to-end service, we can also arrange a mess-free installation for you.

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Benefits of using bespoke garage door designs

Crafted for your home

Whatever your space restrictions or limits, we can craft our bespoke garage doors to fit your home, resulting in a seamless flow and mesmerising aesthetic that elevates your exterior design.

Artisanal creations

Our team of design, manufacture, and installation experts are extremely experienced. From creating the perfect aesthetic to fitting the technology, each expert is dedicated to delivering top quality every step of the way.

Boost your kerb appeal

A bespoke garage door is more than simply practical. With Deuren, you can create an eye-catching work of art on the exterior of your home that increases your property value.

Handcrafted in harmony with your home

Your bespoke garage door designs should take surrounding design elements into consideration, as well as your own tastes. Whether traditional, contemporary, or a breathtaking blend of both, we’ll work with you to create a one-of-a-kind door you’re proud of.

Clever configurations

How your garage door moves is important. Carefully consider how you use the space around your bespoke garage door, then choose from our two configurations - side sectional (slides horizontally) or overhead sectional (slides vertically).

Made-to-measure garage doors

Made-to-measure garage doors are truly bespoke, so you can be sure your style isn’t imitated anywhere else. Whether you want a tall and narrow light oak design or a dark and dramatic wide garage door, we’ll designed and manufacture each uniquely shaped garage door specifically to your space.

Select your style

For inimitable quality and seamless aesthetics, we craft our bespoke garage doors using the highest-grade timber from a single tree. From classic to contemporary (or anything in between), your dream style can be achieved with our extensive range.

Breathtaking woods and finishes

A wooden garage door is a stunning natural feature in its own right. To make it your own, select your timber and finish from our extensive range of wood types, grains, and stains. Our colour-matching service can create the exact hue you desire, from leading paint brands such as Farrow & Ball.

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Create the home exterior of your dreams, with our bespoke garage doors design service.