05 Oct 2022 - Garage Doors

Wooden-style garage doors: a practical work of art

While a garage door must be practical, it can also be a work of art. With a strong yet uncomplicated aesthetic, wooden-style garage doors bring a stunning, contemporary look to the front of any home. 

Here, we encourage you to think of your garage door as much more than a functional feature, highlighting the wide range of available styles, finishes and configurations and exploring how they can be used to achieve a breathtaking home exterior.

Consider the finish

A garage door covers a large expanse, so its impact on your home’s initial impression is not to be underestimated. Consider your garage door as a piece of art similar to a mural or bas-relief - a large focal point with huge potential to create visual impact. 

Contemplating how you want to feel when looking at the homefront can help you establish which finish to opt for. Achieve a light, understated look with natural oak, a warm and inviting feel with walnut or a dark and dramatic demeanour with dark oak. The type of wood selected and the stain used on it (if any) will determine the appearance of the wood grain - a stunning natural feature that is a piece of art in itself.

Select your style

You may choose to add interest to your garage door with design details. Whether aiming for a mesmerising effect with beautifully simple lines, a bold look with deep, eye-catching carvings or want to add further intrigue with the addition of other materials (such as stainless steel) different garage door styles can have a huge impact on the overall effect. 

While modern, contemporary styles are timeless, they often take inspiration from iconic periods in design history in a fusion that embodies the best of both. Garage doors featuring uncomplicated recessed panels hark back to the Georgian era, while geometrically stepped grooves pay homage to the bold glamour of the Art Deco period.

Match your garage door with your front door

For a cohesive appearance that elevates your home’s style, consider matching your front door with your garage door. Whether creating a grand exterior that leaves a lasting first impression or fostering a harmonious, sophisticated look, matching doors can help create a seamless flow and enviable aesthetic that transforms the entire front of your home into a work of art.

Whatever your choice of material and style, Deuren can provide matching front and garage doors to bring together your home’s exterior, increase kerb appeal and value, and produce an unmatched aesthetic quality. In most cases, we can even create an exact replica of an existing door to bring your vision to life, whatever it is.

Contemplate the configuration

The configuration of wooden-style garage doors, and subsequently - how the door moves - form part of the artistic effect. Garage doors usually come in one of two configurations: side-sectional and overhead sectional.

Split into several vertical sections, side sectional garage doors run along a track on the inside of your garage wall, gracefully opening and closing in a dramatic sweeping effect. If you’re looking to make a statement with the exterior of your home, side sectional doors will capture your guests’ attention and start many conversations. As well as this, having a garage door that doesn’t need space to open or close is incredibly practical for storage and general use.

Conversely, overhead sectional garage doors use several, matching horizontal panels, which run along a track on the ceiling of your garage. A dramatic and practical feature for the modern home, overhead sectional garage doors result in a flawless movement when opening and closing and negate the need for space either side of the garage door to open, unlike traditional up-and-over models.

Ensure top-quality craftsmanship

Just as finely constructed pieces of furniture can be regarded as art, so too can Deuren wooden-style garage doors. We specialise in beautifully crafted doors in a range of configurations to not only capitalise on the latest in innovative technology but also add kerb appeal to your project. The quality of materials, careful craftsmanship, and distinctive designs of our garage doors mean they’re a visual spectacle in their own right. 

Wooden-style garage doors can elevate your home exterior to unparalleled levels, creating a first impression that is sure to last. Discover our made-to-measure wooden garage doors or get inspired by our case studies.

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