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26 Oct 2021 - Internal Doors, Company News, Front Doors

Advantages Of Engineered Timber Over Solid Doors

It would be understandable to assume that a pure product performs better than one that’s made of several parts. However, when it comes to the material of your door, Deuren has discovered that engineered timber is far superior to traditional solid oak, which is something we’ve come to appreciate from our 25 years’ experience designing and manufacturing bespoke doors.

11 Aug 2021 -

We’re manufacturing our own front doors

We pride ourselves on producing the most exquisite and artistic bespoke products for our customers, ensuring each and every aspect of their vision is realised to perfection. In order to achieve this, we manufacture our doors in our Yorkshire-based factory, where we can control production down to the finest details. However, sometimes we need to acquire small components from trusted companies outside the UK to truly bring a client’s dream to life. But that’s about to change. We’re introducing an exclusive range of 100% Made-in-Britain front doors. Here, we outline the benefits of choosing Made-in-Britain products and what it could mean for your next project.

10 Aug 2021 -

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