Order Process

Embarking on your dream self-build project? Deuren can be with you every step of the way, helping you understand each phase of the project and explaining where and how innovative bespoke doors fit into the process. We can work alongside your architect, builder and other trades to ensure your vision – every fine detail of it – becomes a reality.

Step 1: Approaching an architect

You’ve made the decision to undertake a self-build project. This won’t be a decision you’ve taken lightly – this is likely to be the biggest investment of your lifetime and it can be daunting.

The first step will see you looking for and briefing an architect. Finding the right architect for your project can take some time. Your chosen architect should share your vision, have previous experience working with designs like yours and leave you feeling completely confident in your work with them. 

Your architect is going to help you bring your dream home to life – time spent researching the right person or company is time very well spent. 

What you've already done at this stage

At this stage, you'll approach an architect and find someone who can fulfill the requirements for your dream home. We're here to be a part of each part of your self-build journey to help you along the way.

    What you still need to do at this stage

    • Start to think about door sizes.
    • Consider internal and external doors.
    • Research the different types/configurations of door available.
    • Visualise and plan room layouts.

    Resources & advice

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