Step 7: doors made and installed

Deuren prides itself on crafting exquisite internal, front and garage doors at our workshop with a blend of modern and traditional techniques for the highest-quality finish. Production transparency and a personalised customer service allows you to check in on your bespoke creations so you can be sure we’re keeping on track with your build.

Key considerations

There’s not much for you to consider here, as we’ll take care of the whole process – from measuring up through design and installation. You can rely on an unmatched aesthetic, unique construction and immaculate design of doors befitting a dream build.

We build and finish everything on site at our Yorkshire-based factory – and we only use UK suppliers – so the time taken from design to delivery is significantly reduced. What’s more, because your doors have a lesser distance travel, we can guarantee premium quality, as there’s no chance of the fine craftsmanship getting damaged in transit.

What you've already done at this stage

Finally, we'll deliver and install your doors. If your builder is installing, we'll help them with whatever advice they need.

    What you still need to do at this stage

    • Deuren tickSimply enjoy your new made-to-measure doors.
    • Deuren tickFocus on requirements for final completion of the build.

    Resources & advice

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