20 Jan 2021 - Self Build

Top tips to allow more natural light in your home

Natural light flooding the home is great for many reasons. As well as boosting moods and wellbeing and bringing with it a sense of freshness, natural light also helps rooms feel more spacious and can save money in electric bills too. In fact, natural light is now referred to as a must-have in the family home. Here, we take a look at changes you can make around the home – or ideas you can implement – to help encourage more natural light into your home.

Refresh with neutral colour schemes

It’s really easy to liven up tired-looking spaces with a simple splash of paint – but make sure it’s a neutral calming hue. Swap out bold, statement wallpaper and dark-coloured feature walls for soft whites and creams. These lighter colours help a room feel brighter, as they’ll better reflect any light coming through windows and doors.

Accentuate with mirrored accessories

Simple changes, like getting strategic with accessories, can make a big difference. Take a look at where the light enters a room and add glass or mirrored accessories to the spot. These stylish additions can accentuate interior design and make the best of the light coming in by bouncing it around the room. A large feature mirror placed on the wall of a hallway is a great way to brighten up this traditionally dark room.

Install glazed or glass doors

If budget allows, remove any furniture that’s preventing light from passing through. Replace solid wood doors with glazed or glass doors – they provide a striking focal point too. These doors increase light reflections, allowing the room to feel more spacious and airy. Bi-folding doors are a great choice. With fewer walls and a big emphasis on open-plan living, there are less barriers to block natural light – bi-folding doors are a great way to capitalise on this. When open, they allow for seamless continuation between rooms, providing more space in which light can play.

Pay attention to your exterior

A low-cost solution might be to check your outside garden space for any light obstacles. Is there a looming tree that needs some care and attention or an overgrown hedge that could do with being taken out? Trim back any outside greenery and ensure your window sills are free of clutter and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in terms of natural light coming in.

Use highly reflective tiles

If you’re considering a new bathroom or kitchen, this should be a consideration high up on your list of priorities. Glass tiles, as opposed to ceramic ones, are a really effective way to ensure light is reflected around the room.

Whether you’re planning on re-designing your home or your budget stretches to a few simple changes, there are many ways in which you can encourage more natural light into your home.

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