19 May 2022 - Front Doors, Garage Doors

Why match your front, garage and interior doors?

When designing your home, or breathing new life into it, attention to detail makes the world of difference. One such detail is your doors, and how they fit into, or stand out from, the overall aesthetic of your home. 

Whether you’re striving for a cohesive and harmonious look with a matching front door and garage door, or a bold look using ones that contrast each other, here we discuss all things matching doors and explore where they’re most suited.

Maximising your kerb appeal

If your front door and garage door can be seen from the same standpoint, matching garage and entrance doors achieve a continuity of style and function that’s sure to boost your kerb appeal and, in many cases, even property value. 

For a strong yet understated impression, matching wood garage and front doors are a popular choice that can result in either a traditional or modern aesthetic, depending on the colour and grain of the chosen wood type. Bold yet uncomplicated, a matching wood front door and garage door elevates your home’s exterior and sets the tone for the rest of your home.

Presenting a united front

While front door and garage door matching makes sense from the perspective of cohesiveness, matching your front door and back door is less important. This is because they’re typically on different sides of the house, meaning they’re not viewed simultaneously and don’t necessarily need to be alike. It may be the case that you want to establish a slightly different aesthetic for the front and back of your home, and choose different doors to cater for these alternative visions.

We find that the majority of our customers prefer the entire exterior of their home to present a united front, making our matching external doors a perennially popular choice. Your main entrance door is an important design decision and should set the tone for what lies in wait over its threshold, so make sure you choose the right one!

Creating a seamless aesthetic

Should the front door match the interior doors? Well, that really depends whether you’d like consistency between the outside and inside of your home, or would prefer a distinct feel once through the entrance. For example, you may desire a home that – when viewed from the outside – looks decadent and grand, but which feels warm and cosy once you’ve stepped across the threshold. 

We find a seamless aesthetic throughout the home tends to be the most coveted option, with customers often seeking to match the colour of their doors with the surrounding walls. At Deuren, we’re proud to say we can match any colour of most paint brands, including the delectable palette of Farrow & Ball. This allows our customers to specify tones with exacting standards, and marry this up with the superb quality finish of a Deuren door. 

What’s more, a door’s reverse can be painted or finished in a different colour or finish to the front of the door, allowing it to perfectly align with the interior design of the room it faces. This applies to entrance doors too, meaning the reverse can match the internal doors while maintaining a distinct aesthetic for the front of the house.

Do interior doors have to match?

Whether or not interior doors have to match again depends on your specific taste. A benefit of the rise in the popularity of open-plan living is that you can make a real feature of the doors you do have, opting for bold, striking choices that serve as design pieces in their own right. You could even specify them as floor-to-ceiling doors or pivot doors to further increase their visual impact.

Conversely, your internal doors can blend seamlessly into the rest of your interiors. Whether by choosing styles and finishes that work in harmony with the surrounding wall, or opting to match your kitchen door to the kitchen worktop, for example, matching internal doors can create a simple yet sophisticated look that ascends trends and stands the test of time.

Practicality should also be a consideration. For example, in rooms or areas of your home where you’d like to maximise space, internal pocket doors and sliding internal doors are a sleek and practical solution.  

When choosing whether to opt for matching doors or contrasting ones, it ultimately comes down to personal preferences and the feel you want to create both outside your home and within. From garage doors and front doors that match, to internal door sets used consistently throughout the home, matching doors remain a beloved option favoured by homeowners pursuing a cohesive and premium aesthetic. Feeling inspired? Discover the craftsmanship and design behind our matching doors.

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