Modern and contemporary garage doors

exterior of modern house with bespoke wooden front and garage doors
exterior of large house with bespoke Olivo SI front and garage doors
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Modern garage door styles

A modern garage door brings together high security, flawless function and impeccable style to increase your home’s kerb appeal, value and aesthetic. We manufacture a wide range of designs in both overhead sectional and side sectional configurations. With just the click of a button, you can watch as your door slides or raises open in a graceful single motion, using reliable motors and mechanisms.

Our modern garage doors come in two incredibly innovative configurations, each packed with practical and stylish advantages.   

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Your choice in modern garage door elevates your home’s kerb appeal, value and catches the eyes of your guests. By matching the materials and styles with our bespoke front doors, you can create a truly show-stopping face to your home. These intricate, well-considered details in exterior design transform a nice house into a breathtaking home.

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Side Sectional

Split into several vertical sections, our side sectional garage doors run along a track on the inside of your garage wall, gracefully opening and closing in a dramatic sweeping effect.

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Made to measure

We manufacture each door specifically for your desires, closely communicating with you during the design phase to ensure the perfect addition to your exterior. Whether you have an unconventional space to navigate or are looking for a one-of-a-kind look to compliment your home, our bespoke garage door service allows you to let your imagination run wild and create something extraordinary.

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Refresh with replacement garage doors

At Deuren, we don’t just install new doors - we also replace garage doors to instantly update your space. Whether you’re refurbishing for a fresh aesthetic or replacing a worn-out garage door, our replacement door service is fully customised to your requirements. We can remove your existing garage door, frame, and architraves, before surveying, measuring, and installing your new handcrafted door.

To create your replacement garage door, we take your surrounding exterior design elements into consideration, as well as your own tastes. Traditional, contemporary, or a blend of both, we’ll work with you to create a door that reflects your personality, with unbeatable security, functionality, and design.