Front door handles and hardware

Our front door furniture is one of the most important aspects when buying a door. Our range of premium hardware offers the perfect blend of form and function, and can completely change the style of your front door - making it truly bespoke.


High quality handles

Opt for a stainless steel full-length handle or have a hidden inset one manufactured into your door design - the possibilities are endless.

Forward-thinking technology

Include fingerprint recognition as part of your external door specification and create an even more secure entrance to your home.

Attention to detail

Our front doors feature optional Simonswerk 540 concealed hinges, while Winkhause SBD locking is provided and most have zero threshold options.

We offer a wide range of hardware to suit any style of home, offering a perfect blend of form and function.

Close up of door hinge
Close up of door lock keypad
Close up of chrome door handle with key lock
Close up of external door handle with key lock

Define your style

Your choice in door should take into consideration surrounding exterior design elements as well as your own personal tastes. Your individual style will ensure your door and its make-up is unlike any other. We’ll work with you to reflect your personal tastes, whether that’s traditional or contemporary, deep mahogany or white and dark oak or a painted finish.