High security front doors

What makes a high-security exterior door?

You want to be assured your home is protected against would-be intruders. As the entryway may often be a first port of call for opportunist burglars, a high-security front door plays a huge role here. That’s why we manufacture to the highest security standards.

Deuren doors are built to the European equivalent of the PAS 24 enhanced security standard, which replicates forces a burglar might use and tests the door can withstand them. Our doors are designed to withstand forced entry using heavy hand or electric tools and adhere to RC2 and RC3 (which measures the resistance time of the door when tools are used to attempt a break-in). The whole door, including the panel and frame as well as the lock, is tested to the classification, providing peace of mind of fully compliant, highest-security doors.

What is Secured by Design?

Each Deuren front door meets the standards of Secured by Design (SBD), which is the official UK police initiative supporting the improvement of the security of buildings and ‘designing out crime’. It endorses a product-based accreditation and works with manufacturers, the construction industry and standards authorities to make sure the highest security standards are met and account for emerging crime trends.

Deuren meets the Police Preferred Specification, which recognises all products have been tested to relevant security standards, as well being fully certified by an UKAS-accredited independent third-party certification body. 

Components of a high-security front door

Engineered timber

Prevents the door warping, expanding or shrinking over time.


Tested to meet the highest levels of residential security – door lock, frame and leaf.

88mm-thick panels

Provide a U value of up to 0.75 (W/m2 K).

Innovative technology

Compatible with home automation systems and a variety of electronic controls.

Intricate design

SBD-certified, we keep abreast of changing patterns of criminal behaviour to design the highest-security doors.