Overhead sectional garage doors

What is an overhead sectional garage door?

A dramatic and practical feature for the modern home, overhead sectional garage doors use several, matching horizonal panels, which run along a track on the ceiling of your garage. This results in a flawless movement when opening and closing and negates the need for space either side of the garage door to open, unlike traditional up-and-over models.

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Why choose an overhead sectional garage door?

Simply, the practical and aesthetic qualities of an overhead section garage door are phenomenal when compared to less modern options. Our wide range of styles and materials means you can match your garage door to the wildest exterior designs, while increasing your home’s curb appeal with an elegant opening and closing effect and reducing energy costs with high-quality insulation.

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Why Deuren is technically superior

We have a passion for unifying exquisite form and smooth functionality. Our bespoke garage doors are packed with innovative unique features, including trackless opening, pedestrian doors and the highest levels of security for the homeowner.

Unique to you

Our garage doors can be manufactured using powder-coated aluminium or bespoke Deuren Timber panels to match your front door and lift the exterior of any home. Our overhead sectional garage doors are available between 6m high and 4m wide, while our side sectional garage doors go as far as 14m wide and 4m high.

Perfectly matching

We manufacture identically designed front doors for each of our garage doors, whether it’s side sectional or overhead section. This allows you to create continuity, start conversations among visitors or guests, and increase the curb appeal of your home.

Highest-quality hardware

Mostly using aluminium and stainless-steel components, every facet of our garage doors is deliberately designed to the highest specifications, including long-lasting tracks, rails and roller bearings to provide smooth and graceful operation. Our garage doors have been tested to provide 50,000 cycles throughout their lives, dwarfing the industry average of 15,000.

Design-to-installation service

We’re happy to take full responsibility for the process, from designing your garage door and surveying measurements to manufacturing and installing. Send us your ideas or designs or visit our showroom to get expert advice on your perfect garage door.

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What are the benefits of an overhead sectional garage door?

Unmatched aesthetic

Our exceptionally designed overhead sectional garage doors can elevate both modern and traditional exteriors. With each design available as a matching front door, stylistic continuity and increased curb appeal are within your reach.

Dramatic effect

With its flawless opening and closing effect, our overhead section garage doors are as breathtaking as they are conversation-starting. High-quality components and refined manufacturing processes result in elegant motion that’s sure to last.

Secure and cost-saving

Tested to stringent European security standards, our overhead sectional garage doors offer peace of mind and protect property stored in your garage. As well as this, industry-leading insulation properties reduce heat loss and allow you to use less energy to keep your home warm.

Make a real feature of your doors by specifying in a configuration to suit you.