Internal pivot doors

What is a pivot door?

This type of door opens by rotating on a pivotal system – as opposed to being hinged at the side. It has two pivot points (one at the top and one at the bottom), which stabalise the door, allowing it to rotate on a point. Where the pivot point is placed is entirely down to personal choice. Whether it’s installed as a main entranceway at the front of the house or used as a room divider, a pivot door can make a unique design statement.

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Why choose a pivot door?

The obvious reason you might look to installing a pivot door within a build is for dramatic effect. These doors make for striking statement pieces and create a lasting impression. However, they’re also a very practical choice. Some may favour an interior pivot door for ease of access or, because the door leaf reaches into both rooms, it’s an efficient space-saving solution too.

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Why Deuren is technically superior

Our custom internal doors are made to measure. Our expert craftsmen ensure the highest quality product comes out of our UK factory so that you know they will slot in perfectly at your home. Deuren contemporary internal doors couple ease of use with outstanding design and technical superiority.

Handmade in the UK

Every Deuren door is expertly made, finished and prepped for installation in our Yorkshire-based factory. That means you’ll benefit from tailored customer care, faster turnaround, a premium-quality product and a lower carbon footprint.

A seamless, matching aesthetic

Our bespoke internal doors, frames and architraves are each made from the same batch of timber from the same tree, resulting in a beautifully consistent finish. Plus, you can choose any paint hue for each side of the door to ensure it perfectly matches the room it faces.

High-quality hardware

Our exquisite door handles are self-sprung and made from stainless steel or cast in solid brass and plated to a finish of your choice. A concealed hinge system, with its precise technology, enables the door to sit completely flush and seamlessly complement the room’s design.

Engineered solid timber

A Deuren door’s core is made up of multiple layers of hardwood. This improves the stability and performance of the door and ensures it remains resistant to warping due to changes in its surrounding environment.

Design-to-installation service

Deuren’s comprehensive service begins with initially immersing ourselves in your vision, before constructing the design and surveying measurements. We’ll then manufacture your custom doors and can arrange for mess-free installation at your property.

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What are the benefits of a pivot door?

Make a design statement

It almost goes without saying that a pivot door simply commands attention. They’re available in up to 3m x 3m in size (and up to 400kg in weight) for maximum impact that creates a wide and generous opening. 

A practical solution

Pivot doors can be kept shut, as they’re self-closing, which makes them ideal for reducing heating and energy costs. However, the opposite is also true – the door can easily hold itself open in any position without the need for an unsightly door stop. 

Get playful with design

Pivot doors can be glazed as an additional design feature and they make for a practical entryway into rooms, like pantries, where ease of access is a priority. It’s worth bearing in mind during any architectural planning that wooden pivot doors cannot be fire rated.

Make a real feature of your doors by specifying in a configuration to suit you.