20 Feb 2020 - Internal Doors

What are the benefits of made to measure doors

Whether you’re self-building or simply freshening up existing interiors, doors should be considered as early as possible in the planning stages of the renovation.

When it comes to high-end and luxury residences, the inclusion of made to measure doors with an eye-catching finish can really add to the ‘wow’ factor of a property. Via your internal and external doors, pulling together a theme and helping to complete a ‘look’, can reinforce the overall quality of the build and improve kerb appeal.

Whether you’re looking for made to measure front doors that ooze class or a simple set of bespoke minimalistic internal doors to set the tone of your home, adding this personal touch can help you deliver the aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Here, we take a look at the main benefits of made to measure doors and consider how they can add style and character to a home.

Add value as well as individuality

Bespoke doors are a great addition to a property looking to increase its value. With a broad possibility of style, functions and qualities, made to measure doors can meet the demands of even the most awkward of spaces. Modern internal doors can be a space-saving solution or a focal finishing point to the wider architecture. Particular styles naturally lend themselves to certain interior design, such as double-hinged doors in a larger room and glazed lateral doors for areas that crave a feeling of spaciousness. Picked correctly, made to measure internal doors can aid a natural flow between living spaces.

The shape of things to come

Made to measure doors can be carefully configured in a way to make the most out of unusually shaped spaces. The smallest of spaces can be worked with and should not be overlooked when enhancing a room. Angled head doors are ideal for smaller spaces such as under-stairs or concealing cupboards. A popular choice for larger rooms is pocket doors that can merge even the largest of open-plan living spaces. For rooms that require smooth functionality, double-hinged leaf doors can be incorporated to ensure a continuous feel. A glazed door on the other hand allows natural light in to illuminate a room and help it to feel as spacious as possible. Such choices allow you to tailor your door to best suit the needs and overall feel of the room.

Flawless function

We manufacture pre-hung internal door sets bespoke to your project. This means we design and create the frame, leaf and architraves before assembling them at our factory to ensure each and every aspect of your dream door works perfectly. Once your door has met our incredibly high standards, we’ll deconstruct the set, making it easier to transport, and provide you with a flawlessly fitting door.

Let size never be an issue

The great benefit of a made to measure door is that you’re not restricted in design, style or shape – and that freedom applies to size too. You can specify whatever size you’d like and that means the scope for creativity is limitless. For larger spaces that require doors to be visually impacting, we design and supply doors that, depending on configuration, can reach up to three metres in height. Deuren pocket doors, for example, can be fitted up to eight metres wide, which results in a striking feature within your interior.

Finish in style

From a delicate satin walnut finish to a distinctive modern black ash appearance, the type of wood or colour you choose to complete a door can make all the difference to the aesthetics of a room or space. Choosing the colour that best suits your home will depend on the style of your house and the look you’re aiming for. Front doors are often a prime focus when looking at a property and choosing the right colour is essential to blend in with your home’s façade. From bold and vivid colours that scream statement to timeless whites and creams, use a colour that hints at what might be waiting for visitors inside. Create a seamless flow by matching your front door to your garage door.

Whether you’re looking for made to measure internal or external doors, a perfectly handcrafted finish can undoubtedly complement and enhance the current features of a property bringing a home to life.

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