26 Oct 2021 - Internal Doors, Company News, Front Doors

Advantages Of Engineered Timber Over Solid Doors

It would be understandable to assume that a pure product performs better than one that’s made of several parts. However, when it comes to the material of your door, Deuren has discovered that engineered timber is far superior to traditional solid oak, which is something we’ve come to appreciate from our 25 years’ experience designing and manufacturing bespoke doors. Here, we discuss the differences between solid wood and engineered timber, and show you why we only use the latter. 

What are engineered doors?

Engineered doors are simply doors which have been created from engineered timber, rather than solid wood. While they share the same aesthetic qualities as solid wood doors, and have no hollow core, engineered timber doors have a host of additional benefits and advantages.

What is engineered timber?

Engineered timber is simply individual pieces of high-grade timber which have been cut and bonded back together in a specific way. To understand why this is beneficial, you must first consider how solid wood is affected by natural factors.

When exposed to heat or humidity, solid wood undergoes a process of expansion and contraction, following the direction or flow of the grain. This is a constant process which over time results in permanent changes to the wood’s shape and size, or warping. This is especially true of external doors, which are subjected to varying conditions and temperatures either side. When a door scrapes across the ground, or doesn’t open like it once did, it’s almost always due to this unavoidable drawback of solid wood.

With a solid engineered core door, the finest-grade pieces of timber are cut into strips and bonded together in a way which ensures alternating grain flows. This negates the effects of heat and humidity as the door is expanding and contracting in opposite directions, effectively stopping itself from warping over time.

Why use engineered timber?

At Deuren, we manufacture modern doors with the highest-grade materials, meaning we only create engineered timber doors when bringing our clients’ unique visions to life. There are a number of reasons why our clients prefer this material to solid wood.

Our engineered timber:

-        Includes only the highest-graded planks of wood, ensuring continuity and superiority in both aesthetic and function.

-        Is bonded through extreme heat and compression, resulting in an incredibly strong finished product.

-        Employs cross-grained layering to negate the warping effects of heat and humidity, allowing the door to stand the test of time.

-        Is sourced from responsibly managed suppliers, who are FSC certified.  

-        Circulates and retains heats more efficiently, effectively reducing energy wastage and costs.

-        Performs perfectly in any area of your home, including rooms which experience frequently high levels of humidity, such as bathrooms. 

Deuren has over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing high-end bespoke doors and we believe that your dream project deserves the best. For more information on our engineered timber doors, get in touch and we’ll help you bring your dream to life.

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