23 Feb 2020 - Internal Doors

What's in a colour? Introducing Farrow & Ball for internal doors

We’re incredibly excited to bring Farrow & Ball to Deuren.

We can now match any colour of most paint brands, including the delectable and much-sought-after palette of Farrow & Ball. This British paint manufacturer is increasingly popular thanks to its broad range of hues, quality ingredients and environmentally friendly formulas. And fans of the brand can now enjoy their favourite tones married with the superb quality finish of a Deuren door. Whether your doors are to take centre stage and provide real character for a room or they’re to accent an overarching bold design, colour is a key consideration and should not be overlooked.

Why take sides when you can have both?

Whether your home is painted in soft neutrals or bold pattern, coloured doors can add further personality. Deuren understands the importance of standing out from the crowd, which is why we provide the chance to create a statement piece of furniture by painting one side of your door in one colour, and completing the opposite with a different finish. Pick a rich premium grain such as Rosewood for your hallway and complete the finish on the reverse in any Farrow & Ball colour to add warmth to your living room. The beauty of colour is that you can be as brave or as safe as you want. All our doors provide the opportunity to be painted in a different colour on each side to perfectly complement the room it’s seen in.

Matching the outside to your interior design

Deuren can also make over your front and garage door with Farrow & Ball to keep it consistent with your internal door choice – or to offer beautiful contrast. From the velvety, deluxe Sulking Room Pink with its muted rose feel to a quietly elegant grounded blue such as De Nimes, use a colour on the outside that hints at what might be waiting for visitors on the inside.

Enhance the finish of a made to measure internal or external door to suit any interior and style. Find out more about the different Farrow & Ball finishes we can provide – a perfectly personal finish that can bring your home to life.

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