20 Feb 2021 - Internal Doors

An introduction to fully glazed internal doors

Glass has long been used to add contemporary beauty in building design. In fact, it features in some of the world’s most famous architectural creations so it’s little wonder this building material is now increasingly popular as a focal feature around the home.

Thanks to its translucence, glass has the ability to bring a real sense of space to any room and it naturally allows for more daylighting all year round. This structurally strong material is now being used to far exceed basic practical need and is instead playing its part in buildings that can only be described as works of art.

Here, we take a look at the vast design benefits that go hand in hand with this striking material and explain how installation of internal glass doors can simply transform a space.

Using glass to divide spaces

The trend for open-plan living continues. It’s hardly surprising given the opportunities it brings for natural light and the great space it offers for our various living needs. Clever use of glass can be an extremely effective way of dividing up large spaces into smaller zones without compromising the amount of natural light flowing through. Consider sliding glass doors for a contemporary and unique design-led feature that beautifully taps into this architectural trend.

Capitalise on the view

The one obvious advantage a glass door has over a traditional one is the fact that you’re in no way limited with views. If you’ve got sprawling countryside on the door step, an exterior glass door lets you enjoy all benefits of that from the comfort of your home. Alternatively, installing glass doors between rooms inside provides unrestricted views into other areas of the house.

Achieve that sense of space

A glass door – even more so if it’s a sliding one – immediately gives a real feeling of space. Because glass doors help to bounce light around the adjoining rooms, this results in a more ‘open’ and airy-feeling space. 

Styled in sophistication

The practical benefits of glass doors are plentiful but there’s no denying that put simply, the glass door provides an elegant and stylish feature in any home. For interiors that favour minimalist design and sleek, clean lines, glass doors are perfectly suited. Replace a solid wall with glass doors and enjoy enhanced aesthetics. Plus, this low-maintenance material won’t rust or corrode over time and tempered glass can withstand everyday use.

Whether you choose fully or partially glazed, glass doors can provide a striking design statement in the home as well be extremely practical too. Take a look at our new range of fully glazed internal doors for some inspiration.

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