Step 8: completion

It’s been years in the planning but your self-build dream is finally a reality – congratulations. Build complete, there are a few final checks and jobs to tick off ahead of moving in including sorting your formal completion papers, taking out a structural warranty, walking around the property with your trades and tackling any snagging. 

Key considerations

You’ll want to ensure your home is fit for your very first visitors and get all the remaining decorating and accessorising complete, so now’s the time to sort all those outstanding finishing touches. 

Consider whether you want your doors to blend in or stand out from the surrounding area, choosing interior decor materials, textures and colours accordingly. Finally, here’s to a smooth moving day! Enjoy your new dream home.

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What you've already done at this stage

Congratulations - your build, including your stunning doors, is complete! All that's left for you to do now is enjoy it.

    What you still need to do at this stage

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