Order Process

Embarking on your dream self-build project? Deuren can be with you every step of the way, helping you understand each phase of the project and explaining where and how innovative bespoke doors fit into the process. We can work alongside your architect, builder and other trades to ensure your vision – every fine detail of it – becomes a reality.

Step 3: full planning permission

A full planning permission application covers every comprehensive detail of your proposed development. The planning authority will need to see evidence that your proposal takes into consideration national and local-to-the-area policies, as well as flood risk, pollution, drainage and harm to wildlife, for example. Once full planning permission is granted, it’s valid for three years. Construction on your site can and should start anytime to avoid planning permission expiring. 

If you’ve been granted full planning permission, congratulations! The works can go ahead exactly as you’ve detailed in your proposal. If it’s been refused, you have the option to amend your proposal according to the reasons for its rejection before resubmitting it. 

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