Step 3: full planning permission

A full planning permission application covers every comprehensive detail of your proposed development. It usually takes around eight weeks for full planning permission to be granted, after which time it’s valid for three years. Construction on your site can - and should - start as soon as possible to avoid planning permission expiring. 

Key considerations

The planning authority will need to see evidence that your proposal takes into consideration national and local-to-the-area policies, as well as flood risk, pollution, drainage and harm to wildlife, for example. 

If you’ve been granted full planning permission, congratulations! The works can go ahead exactly as you’ve detailed in your proposal. If it’s been refused, you have the option to amend your proposal according to the reasons for its rejection before resubmitting it.

What you've already done at this stage

At this stage, you'll have visited our showroom and we'll have started to get into some more detail - a door schedule will start to materialise.

    What you still need to do at this stage

    • Deuren tickProvide Deuren with the door schedule.
    • Deuren tickDeuren to provide accurate costings for your internal and external door requirements.

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