16 Mar 2021 - Self Build

7 tips for a successful self-build project

1. Take time to design and get it right

Plan every detail down to a tee. This way, you’re able to take advantage of the full space of your house and prioritise exactly what’s needed in your home. All those extra millimetres could add up to some extra storage space, so planning is essential. Be realistic though – what you want and the price may be very different things.

2. Give yourself in-depth knowledge

A fundamental part of ensuring your house is going to be perfect is doing some of the research yourself. Understanding all the key elements of your project will enable you to gain a clearer insight as to what is going on during the construction procedure. Read magazines, attend building shows, browse the web and you’ll end up getting a feel for the project in no time!

3. Choose professionals wisely

From the architect to the joiners, make sure they’re the right ones for you. Having a decent architect designing your house is bound to pay off in the long run, as letting them loose with their creative flair may let you reap benefits such as getting all the latest trends. Make sure your architect understands the plot well so that they can help you achieve the maximum benefits from your current land.

4. Make sure the plot is the one for you

If you’re moving to a completely new area, make sure you know exactly where you’re moving and whether it’s the right place for you. Factors to take into consideration could be local schools for your children, employment opportunities, and affordability. Also, watch out for planning permission when picking your future patch.

5. Can you find a way to complete the task yourself?

Something to consider is whether simpler tasks within the development process could be completed by yourself, which could end up saving you a significant amount of money and also can be entertaining and enjoyable in the process!

6. Keep looking around for better prices

Patience is key in this scenario. Don’t be worried about haggling and searching around! You never know, you could strike lucky and find yourself a bargain; saving thousands of pounds in the process.

7. Have fun

Have fun. After all, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you have finally managed to design, plan and build your dream home. Getting stuck right in with the process of building is all part of the fun of it even if you may feel extremely stressed at times. It will all be worth it in the end when you not only have a beautiful home but also have a great sense of pride and satisfaction after you have been able to see your house grow and develop throughout the construction process.

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