Step 5: construction begins

It may feel like it’s taken an age to get here but planning permission approved and builders appointed, it’s time to start work on the build! While it’s tempting to stay out of the way of the trades to let them crack on, it’s important you visit the site as often as possible to keep an eye on progress and simply be on hand to answer any questions if needed. 

Key considerations

Creating a construction schedule is a clear way to ensure the build stays on track. This might be broken down into sections by week, for example:

Weeks 1-2: Before building work starts

Weeks 2-3: Foundations, footings and oversite

Week 4: External works

Week 5: Scaffolding and structural system

… and so on.

Consider retaining the services of your architect throughout the build phase, for peace of mind they’re on hand is something unexpected crops up.

What you've already done at this stage

At this stage, you'll have given the builders all the information they require to build the door structural openings that we need to accommodate the door sizes and configurations chosen. All Deuren doors are made to measure so we can easily accommodate any changes to structural opening the builders may have had to make.

    What you still need to do at this stage

    • Deuren tickConsider floor finishes.
    • Deuren tickLook at transitions from one room to another.
    • Deuren tickConsider door sizes and frames.

    Resources & advice

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