18 Mar 2021 - Front Doors

Top tips for external door design

First impressions count – never has that been more true than when it comes to your home’s exterior. Your choice in front door sets the tone for visitors and hints at what they should expect of the interior that lies behind it. Whether your home is steeped in period character or is a unique contemporary self-build, the right external door should extend a memorable welcome and make a statement about the whole property.

Here, we discuss the main considerations when fitting a new front door and explain how this practical product can – and should – become so much more than simply an entranceway.

Size and design features

Long gone are the days when an external door was simply a standardised rectangular-shaped functional product. Your front door is the entrance point to your home and your security against intruders – but you can specify almost any size, design and configuration for major visual impact. Create a strong impression and real focal point for the whole of the exterior with an oversized panel. You’ll need to bear in mind the proportions of the whole building for this to work well and if you’re managing a self-build, consultations with your architect in the early stages of the design process are a must.   

Matching all doors on the elevation creates a consistent and distinctive overall aesthetic. Consider your garage door at the same time as the front door and opt for the same material and design for that seamless feel. Ensuring your front and garage door perfectly complement one another in this way not only shows off real pride for your home but it also enhances its kerb appeal and can potentially increase its value too.

Getting materialistic

The choice of materials for your front door is vast – and each one comes with its own character and defining qualities. Choose a material that works beautifully with the style of your home, whether it’s contemporary or traditional in its design. Wood is a fantastic choice in door for both styles of home – it has a timeless appeal and its durable qualities ensure longevity. Don’t overlook materials that you might initially dismiss as unsightly or too heavy. Concrete, for example, is a stunning alternative for the front door of a modern home and bound to leave a lasting impression on visitors. Concrete works brilliantly when paired with wood for a striking contrast.

Stepping up security measures

Security is a hugely important consideration. Just because you’ve spent so much time planning the design of your front door, security doesn’t need to be compromised. Enjoy peace of mind that your home is protected from intruders by installing added protection. As standard , Deuren doors include high-security 3D hinges and the latest high-performing technology, including fingerprint and digital keyboards. The doors are built to RC4 (ENV 1627) Class 3, which offers extremely high levels of security. Your home is your safe place and your sanctuary – it simply isn’t worth cutting corners when it comes to your front door’s security measures. 

Ensure your external door design isn’t an overlooked aspect of your overall build or home improvements. Taking time to really consider its appeal will not only provide a long-lasting impression on visitors and give you an entrance way you can be proud of but it can increase your property’s value too.

Find out more about Deuren front doors and how you can design and create external doors to stunning effect.

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