23 Mar 2021 - Internal Doors

Unusual interior doors: creating a statement

If you’re looking for unusual interior doors, it may be because you have an awkwardly shaped space to fill or simply because you want to make a real statement within your home in a more unique way than hanging a piece of art or painting a feature wall, for example. Unusual interior doors pose a fantastic opportunity to create a real focal point in your home, all the while remaining loyal to the existing the features and quirks of the property.

Here, we take a look at our favourite statement doors and discuss why they impart such magnificent ambience.

Pivot Doors

pivot door can be a fantastic addition to an area with a lot of space or it can make for a practical entranceway into a pantry or walk-in-wardrobe, for example, where easy access is required. Because the door leaf reaches into both of the rooms it separates, it can actually be an effective space-saving solution too. One of the more common ‘unusual’ interior doors, the pivot door makes a striking design statement and leaves a real lasting impression on visitors.

Bi-folding doors

For spaces in which you’d like to create partition but maintain the flexibility of an open-plan space when it suits, internal bi-folding doors make for a striking addition. So-called ‘broken-plan’ living is all about clever use of space and creating distinct zones with semi-permanent partitions. Versatile bi-folding doors provide insulation and soundproofing – for example if you have a TV or games room – and, if glazed, are a great way to facilitate the flow of natural light around darker spaces.  

Floor-to-ceiling-height doors

As double-height ceilings continue to trend so too does the need for oversized doors and grand entrances to complement the space. While there’s no denying their obvious aesthetic impact – their sprawling design is of course a feature in itself – oversized doors can be a practical addition to the home too, as they can make homes more accessible for those with mobility concerns. There are a number of design and build considerations to bear in mind if you’re specifying oversized doors, however. Check out our tips on what to consider when buying oversized doors.

Sliding internal doors

For a beautifully versatile door choice for any design scheme, sliding doors are perfect for open-plan spaces that require partition at times. This type of door glides parallel to the interior wall. Thanks to their sleek design and smooth movement, indoor sliding doors provide a great solution where space needs to be used well – they offer an average 10 square feet extra floor space than hinged doors. This makes them ideal for en-suites, closets and utility rooms.

Pocket doors

Pocket doors are unusual – in a brilliantly striking way – because they disappear almost completely once pushed back into the wall cavity space. They slide into an opening in the adjacent wall. Double pocket doors in large open-plan spaces look stylish and perfectly complement ultra-modern builds.

Completely bespoke for real differentiation

If you have extremely specific design ideas in mind for your unusual interior doors, it’s always wise to speak with an architect first. If it’s for a self-build project, you’re better off discussing this with the architect as early as the initial design stage. Deuren worked with an architect who was designing and building his own home – and had very intricate ideas for the structural and cosmetic design of the house, including shadow gap door frames. 

If you have awkwardly-shaped spaces in your home or you’re looking to create real statement style with your internal doors, get in touch for inspiration and expert advice.

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