20 Sep 2020 - Garage Doors

Modern garage doors: what you need to consider

Like any doors found throughout your property, garage doors can serve so much more purpose than simply being a functional product. In fact, the right garage door can transform the appearance of your home’s exterior.

From style to finish and impacting features to security measures, here we take a look at the main points for consideration if you’re looking to install modern garage doors in your home.

Operating mechanism

There are different types of contemporary garage doors, which you can consider in relation to the size of your home and garage space and their main features. Sectional garage doors are so called because they’re made up of many sections rather than one single panel. Overhead sectional garage doors are a high-performing solution where space may be limited. They open vertically upwards, which leaves clear space in front of and behind the door. Overhead sectionals also make great use of otherwise unused space underneath the ceiling. Meanwhile, side sectional garage doors open and close by moving horizontally, turning the corner into the garage space and finish up sitting alongside the garage wall. This type of door allows you to continue to make use of every inch of ceiling space because it opens to the side. You should make your decision between these styles based on the space you have available and which feature you prefer. Sectional garage doors are well-insulated and energy efficient so are particularly great choice for homes exposed to harsh weather conditions.

In instances where regular access to the garage is required by foot, you might also choose to add a manual hinged door. A door like this for simple personal access enables you to easily get to storage space, for example.


Your choice in finish for your custom garage doors can end up being what sets your property apart from other houses in the area. It can offer that real wow factor and improve your home’s kerb appeal. The beauty of natural wood gives garage doors a timeless and inimitable appeal – and it can beautifully blend in with the rest of the property. Choose a finish that binds together striking visual elements of the front of you property – match your garage doors to your front door and even your internal doors for a seamless continuation of your style throughout the home.  

Security measures

Deuren’s contemporary garage doors are fully equipped with the latest technology and security features. We know that burglars these days are unlikely to pick locks because it’s time consuming. Instead, they’re more likely to use brute strength to break the door in (particularly if you have a ‘pedestrian access’ hinged door) – and that’s why all our doors have a door panel and frame to stand up to that strength. All our doors are built to ENV 1627 and designed to withstand forced entry using heavy hand or electric tools. Garage doors are tested to RC2 or RC3 levels, which certifies a resistance time of three and five minutes, respectively, should an opportunist criminal attempt a break in.

Still looking for inspiration? View Deuren’s custom garage doors or visit our factory to see our craftsmanship first hand. 

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