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02 Dec 2021 - Internal Doors

The secret door: adding a new dimension to interior design

Secret doors open up a plethora of possibilities for interior design and enhance lifestyle and ways of living for those who use the space. Find out why a secret door can elevate designs and add character to a property.

26 Oct 2021 - Internal Doors, Company News, Front Doors

Advantages Of Engineered Timber Over Solid Doors

It would be understandable to assume that a pure product performs better than one that’s made of several parts. However, when it comes to the material of your door, Deuren has discovered that engineered timber is far superior to traditional solid oak, which is something we’ve come to appreciate from our 25 years’ experience designing and manufacturing bespoke doors.

23 Mar 2021 - Internal Doors

Unusual interior doors: creating a statement

18 Mar 2021 - Internal Doors

Style, design and configuration: A buyer's guide to internal doors

16 Mar 2021 - Internal Doors

Why choose full-height doors?

20 Feb 2021 - Internal Doors

An introduction to fully glazed internal doors

29 Oct 2020 - Internal Doors, Front Doors, Self Build, Garage Doors, Architects

Creating the dream home – the must-haves

16 Jun 2020 - Internal Doors

Choosing the best interior doors for your home

23 Feb 2020 - Internal Doors

What's in a colour? Introducing Farrow & Ball for internal doors

20 Feb 2020 - Internal Doors

6 Reasons why internal door sets are the right choice for your project

20 Feb 2020 - Internal Doors

What are the benefits of made to measure doors

20 Feb 2020 - Internal Doors

The benefits of bi-fold internal doors

20 Feb 2020 - Internal Doors

What to consider when buying oversized doors

11 Feb 2020 - Internal Doors, Self Build, Architects

The finer details: why door handles and hinges shouldn't be overlooked