12 Sep 2023 - Internal Doors

Nantwich Veneers: A luxurious finishing touch

Every door at Deuren is expertly made, coupling outstanding design and technical superiority with the finest materials from European suppliers. We’re keen to support homegrown talent, and it doesn’t get more impressive than the suppliers of our beautiful wood veneers - Nantwich Veneers.

From its range of finishes to its precise craftsmanship, we take a closer look at the outstanding quality wood veneers that have made Nantwich Veneers the go-to for luxury brands as prestigious as Bentley.

The luxury brand’s choice

As a UK door manufacturer with decades of experience, Deuren’s mission has always remained true: to design and craft only the most exquisite, technically superior doors. When it comes to elegant one-of-a-kind designs that exude quality, Nantwich Veneers’ refined finishes elevate our doors to the pinnacle of luxury. Don’t simply take our word for it: Nantwich has supplied its stunning veneers to brands such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Clive Christian Furniture.

What makes Nantwich Veneers superior?

There’s wood veneers, and then there’s Nantwich Veneers. From uncompromising quality to skilful craftsmanship, there are many reasons we’re proud to source our wood veneers from Nantwich. 

Consistent high quality and craftsmanship

Available as natural, dyed, or smoked veneers, the stunning grain and unparalleled quality of Nantwich Venneer’s wood has to be seen to be believed. Strong yet uncomplicated, it’s testament to the company’s precision and perfection. With attention to the tiniest details, these beautiful veneers are ideal for creating matching entrances that complement each other - as seen in this seamless harmony of natural oak entranceways.

Diverse range of finishes

Our customers benefit from a wide selection of wood finishes, which helps us create the bespoke door of their dreams. From the understated artistry of natural oak, to dyed oak ranging from deep walnut to bold ebony, Nantwich Veneers make it possible to design creative entrances for a range of tastes and styles. Carefully sliced, veneers also make it possible to create doors with different finishes on either side - such as this sophisticated entrance with a Honey Oak front and Eucalyptus internal side.

Sustainable supplies

As a timber door manufacturer, we rely on a natural material to craft our products. We also have an intense respect for, and appreciation of, the natural world. Sourcing from Nantwich Veneers - based in Cheshire with excellent road and rail links - means reduced transportation costs and lower carbon footprint as the product has fewer miles to travel. It also helps our turnaround times, with dynamic and flexible supplies for projects, and less chance of Nantwich’s fine craftsmanship getting damaged in transit.

Using premium British and European suppliers such as Nantwich Veneers means Deuren offers an extremely high level of attention to detail and quality control in your doors. While our website makes it simple to view our doors, visiting our Yorkshire showroom can help you truly see our exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and service in person.

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