21 Mar 2023 - Internal Doors, Front Doors, Garage Doors

Benefits of visiting our showroom

We understand that investing in the perfect door set for your taste and needs is a big decision. And while our website makes it simple to view made-to-measure front, garage, and internal doors, there’s nothing quite like visiting our UK showroom to explore our exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and service in person.

Located in the beautiful heart of Wheatley Park, Mirfield, we’ll talk you through every stage of the door-making process in our factory before heading over to our expansive showroom. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke garage door or unique front entrance, gaining exclusive access to our premises is hugely beneficial - here, we explain why.

1. Experience doors in person

Our made-to-measure front, garage, and internal doors are specifically designed for your home, taking its period, style, space, and quirks into account. This increases value in all kinds of ways - practically, aesthetically, and financially - positively influencing far more than just your sense of sight. From the scent of quality timber to feeling its finish, visiting our showroom can help you experience these textures and mechanisms close-up. There’s simply no substitute for running your hand over luxury hardwood, or a solid brass handle. With so much to consider, we’re happy to inspire and inform your project with our extensive range of designs, styles, materials, finishes and colours. 

2. Get an idea of space

From making the most of unconventional spaces to realising unique design visions, made-to-measure front, garage, and internal doors give you optimum function and fit. And while our designers will always make sure you're unrestricted in style, shape, and size, actually seeing different dimensions and opening mechanisms (for example, overhead sectional vs side sectional garage doors) can give you an accurate idea of space.

3. Create something truly unique

Unlike regular doors, where you can order a specific design that comes in limited colours, Deuren doors offer boundless creativity and customisations. By visiting our showroom, you can explore a wide range of materials, designs, and have a specific paint hue created with our colour-matching service. Seeing everything in person can truly give you a feel for what will work and what won’t in your home. And if you want something taller, narrower, curved, or wide enough to fit into a particular space, we can meet your precise door requirements.

4. Get guidance from an expert

To be sure your bespoke front, garage, and internal doors are exactly how you want them, you’ll want to compare your options. Where better to find help with your one-of-a-kind door design than in a showroom full of door design specialists and manufacturers? We’re more than happy to answer your queries and discuss your ideas about the interior project. Plus, we can advise you on material choices, with insights about which designs, finishes, and mechanisms may work well with your particular project.

5. See our craftsmanship first hand

As one of the UK’s most premium door manufacturers, we can guarantee our craftsmanship is technically superior, with exquisite and artistic products especially designed for our customers. But seeing is believing. When visiting our Yorkshire-based showroom, not only can you see and feel the quality of our materials, configurations, hardware, finishes, and security options, but you can watch as bespoke front, garage, and internal doors are handcrafted and prepped for installation.

Experience made-to-measure garage, front, and internal doors

From designing your door and surveying measurements to manufacturing and installing, we take care of the entire process. While visiting our dedicated display of doors can help you find the perfect door set for your project, we understand not everyone can make it to our showroom. If that’s the case, send us your ideas or give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat about your requirements.

You can also visit us at one of the 2023 exhibitions we'll be attending.

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