03 Oct 2023 - Internal Doors

Designer Handles And Hinges: It’s All In The Detail

We believe every door should be a work of art, right down to the smallest details. Among these details are door hinges and handles and hinges - some of the most important (but often overlooked) features to consider when designing or choosing a door.

Here, we take a closer look at our range of prestigious handle and hinge suppliers, exploring how their precise craftsmanship and outstanding quality make all the difference to a Deuren door’s overall form and function.

For minimalist, concealed hinges: SIMONSWERK

For more than 130 years, SIMONSWERK has been one of the most well-known manufacturers of door hinges and hinge systems for residential, entrance, and heavy-duty doors. Committed to high quality standards, the pioneering company has won many awards for its innovation.


Every Deuren door is completed with SIMONSWERK’s TECTUS® hidden hinge system, involving precise technology that exudes minimalism and perfection. In the company’s own words - “making something invisible is also design” - giving space to the more aesthetic elements of a Deuren door. This type of technically superior hinge disappears from view completely when the door is closed, and can be adjusted in all directions to regulate in the case of building movement. What’s more, the magnetic latch combines a metal plate and magnetic catch to create a secure fastening for any door style.

For stunning Italian door handles: Valli and Mandelli1953

Deuren is fortunate to supply door handles from two prestigious Italian designers - Valli, and Mandelli1953.

When founding Valli in 1934, Pasquale Valli imagined the handle as a work of art, a sculpture with its own personality. He believed a handle should be more than just an industrial mechanism, but the synthesis of function and aesthetics, brought together in a single artefact. At Deuren, this is a sentiment we wholeheartedly echo when crafting our doors, making Valli a perfect designer to supply our handles.

Mandelli1953 also shares these beliefs and values, and has been designing and manufacturing door handles for more than 70 years. Originally inspired by a love of brass, Mandelli1953 now crafts door handles in a range of stunning materials, from velvety concrete to timeless marble, refined leather and luxurious mother-of-pearl. Visionary designers are united with expert artisans to bring handle designs to life through forging, turning and die casting, grinding, vibrating, polishing and satin finishing, galvanic and metallisation (PDV) treatments, and painting.

For door furniture with visual impact: Philip Watts Design

Based in Nottingham, Philip Watts Design has creativity at its core - and it shows. Its handmade handles are artworks in themselves, with a range of designs varied enough to complement any home’s aesthetic. From organic shapes to nature-inspired forms, baroque to rock ‘n’ roll, there really is no limit. See how an eye-catching Deuren front door was enhanced with visually dramatic Phillip Watts LittleJohn handles in satin brass.

An all-too-often overlooked feature, there’s a lot of design power in door handles and hinges. Choose wisely and they’ll beautifully complement your luxury doors and home’s aesthetic. From Valli’s sleek designs to the unforgettable finishes of Mandelli 1953 and the sculptural nature of Philip Watts Design, there’s a door handle for every style.

Want help deciding the finer details? Get in touch for expert advice, or visit our showroom for inspiration.

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