22 May 2023 - Internal Doors, Self Build, Architects

Internal door sets: finer details that make a difference

Not only are your internal doors an essential, practical part of your home, they also serve as a visual feature and are part of your overall design scheme. The importance of door furniture as a contributor to that overall finish should never be underestimated. 

Here, we consider why the finer details of your internal door sets – including handles and hardware – should take up just as much priority in the planning stages as the door itself.

Handles to make an impression

An all-too-often overlooked feature, there’s a lot to be said for door handles. Choose wisely and they’ll beautifully complement your internal doors and be in-keeping with the design of the rest of the room. From period character to contemporary chic, there’s a door handle for every style.

So, what should you consider when it comes to internal door handle sets? Pay attention to the size, type, and design of each handle you’re considering and ensure your chosen option fits with the overall style and feel of your property. Do you prefer a bold, statement look, or a harmonious aesthetic? For example, if you have period-style doors in Victorian or Georgian designs, you can perfectly complement this with a traditional-looking handle, or juxtapose it with a modern-looking lever handle on a striking back plate. 

Alternatively, your interior style might be more suited to the endless design possibilities that come with door knobs. While handles are considered the more common choice (owing to their greater level of grip), door knobs can be a very decorative, statement feature. Download a brochure to explore the endless possibilities of handles and knobs we offer.

Internal door and frame sets for consistency

For an unmatched aesthetic and immaculate overall design, opt for complete internal door handle sets. Part and parcel of our pre-hung internal door sets, internal door handle sets ensure a harmonious, artisanal finish throughout your home’s interior. A Deuren internal door and frame set also includes the door and its lining (or frame), stop beads, architraves, hinges, and latch - and we’ll take care of the entire design, manufacturing, and installation.

Materials and finishes for your dream aesthetic

There are countless materials and finishes on offer for door hardware – and again, you’ll choose based on the style of your property and existing decor. A classic material, chrome looks perfectly placed in both modern and traditional properties, while brass is well-matched with period properties and Art Deco themes. Stainless steel handles will forever remain a popular choice, thanks to the material’s resistance to atmospheric conditions. Meanwhile, a black nickel finish is becoming increasingly common for its irresistibly contemporary aesthetic.

Hidden hinges for a sleek, seamless look

Hinges have always been an integral part of a door’s working mechanism – but that doesn’t mean you want the unsightly hardware in plain view. Concealed hinges provide an innovative solution that enables you to maintain clean lines and flush finishes within your interior design, and are available in many finishes, allowing the handle finish to be matched for a seamless aesthetic. 

This type of technically superior hinge disappears from view completely when the door is closed, and can be adjusted in all directions to regulate in the case of building movement. What’s more, the magnetic latch combines a metal plate and magnetic catch to create a secure fastening for any door style. As with our concealed hinges, magnetic latches are available in many different finishes, to match that of the handle. Consider hidden hinges and other unique features to really make a statement with internal doors within your home.

Want some help deciding on the finer details of internal door sets? Get in touch for expert advice, or visit our showroom for inspiration.

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