23 Jun 2023 - Front Doors, Internal Doors, Garage Doors, Self Build

Homegrown artisans: Why choose British door manufacturers (UK)?

Celebrating local artisans

As a UK door manufacturer with decades of experience, Deuren was founded with the mission of designing and crafting only the most exquisite, technically superior doors - and it goes without saying that we only hire people who share our passion and vision. Our artisans are dedicated to the finest details of your unique door, working in our Yorkshire-based factory to personally create and oversee your bespoke design. With utmost pride in each and every piece, we’re artists of door manufacturing and use expert craftsmanship to produce perfection and bring your dream to life. The creativity and versatility of our local artisans is sure to exceed your expectations and leave you with exactly what you envisioned - all while supporting, nurturing, and celebrating homegrown talent.

Tighter turnaround from design to delivery

Deuren builds and finishes everything on site, meaning the time taken from design to delivery is significantly reduced. What’s more, because your finished doors have less distance to travel, we can guarantee premium quality, as there’s minimal chance of fine craftsmanship getting damaged in transit - just one of the reasons we’re amongst the most trusted internal, garage, and front door manufacturers in the UK.

Closer monitoring of product quality

Being amongst the most revered bespoke door manufacturers in the UK, we pride ourselves on production transparency and a personalised customer service. Being based right here in England means the monitoring of product quality is ingrained into our everyday - we see for ourselves the work being undertaken and the stunning outcomes, rather than relying on digital communications from across the world, that can be easily miscommunicated or misinterpreted. What’s more, our customers have the opportunity to visit our factory and showroom, keeping in touch with us through every step of production. From initial design to installation, we aim to produce exceptional quality that surpasses customer expectations.

Reduced carbon footprint

A huge focus on sustainability and greener ways of working – across all sectors, not just manufacturing – has created much positive change and opened new prospects. Being a timber door manufacturer in the UK that relies on a natural material to craft our products, we have intense respect for, and appreciation of, the natural world, and UK manufacturing is great for British businesses and consumers alike. Sourcing everything from European soil means we’re benefiting from reduced transportation costs and lower carbon footprint as the product has fewer miles to travel.

While our website makes it simple to view our contemporary doors, there’s nothing quite like visiting our UK showroom to explore our exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and service in person.

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