07 Jul 2023 - Front Doors, Internal Doors, Garage Doors

Renovation must-haves to add the most value

From exterior enhancements to stylish fixtures, certain renovation projects can significantly increase the value of a home. While the specific value depends on your location, market trends, and personal preferences, there are specific features, upgrades, and design elements that can also have a positive impact. 

Here, we’ll outline the key features for adding value, attracting potential buyers, and improving the overall desirability of your property.

Enhance your exterior

For maximum curb appeal, focus on front spaces that make buyers feel welcome. First impressions cannot be made twice, after all. Enhancements can include installing outdoor lighting, landscaping, updating roof tiles, or reimagining the entrance itself with a new front door. A bespoke entrance can make a huge impact, complementing the character of your home or creating a more desirable aesthetic for selling. We offer an almost limitless range of finishes and sizes, and can even match front, internal, and garage doors for a consistent look and feel throughout your property.

Focus on fixtures

As well as your home’s exterior, internal features play an important role in upping the value of your home. Investing in upgrades such as integrated appliances, kitchen units and worktops, carpets, doors, bathroom suites, as well as the boiler and heating systems, can pique buyers’ interests. Think about invisible fixings too, such as our pre-finished internal doors, which require no decorating - so no screw or nail holes to fill. From hinged double doors to floor-to-ceiling options, our door configurations, combined with stunning finishes, can change the way a space appears completely.

Increase energy efficiency

As we navigate a cost of living crisis, buyers are increasingly interested in energy efficiency. Consider adding insulation to your property - this could be upgrading windows to energy-efficient models, or installing technically superior doors. All of our doors are made with engineered hardwood, which reduces the possibility of doors warping in shape or size over time. Other ways to appeal to more environmentally conscious buyers include installing a smart thermostat or incorporating solar panels to your property.

Adapt or expand living spaces

From beautifying basements to awakening attics, expanding living spaces can add extra square footage, and in turn, significant value to your home. Extensions are another renovation option, but if you don’t have the space or budget, there are ways to adapt existing areas. With no restrictions in design, style, shape, and size, our specialist designers and artisans have worked with clients to inject maximum appeal to unconventional areas, such as this bespoke secret door client we created to sit seamlessly in a surrounding wall.

Added value to your property with Deuren doors

From expert craftsmanship to never-seen-before finishes, Deuren doors can play a leading role in your home's interior and exterior, helping to yield higher returns on your property investments. If you’re looking to lift the look, function, and value of your home, send us your ideas or visit our showroom for expert advice on renovating the doors in your property.

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