Bespoke secret doors for a sensational interior design

Door Style




Double leaf, Pivot

The Objectives

This Northern-based client needed a variety of exceptionally designed and flawlessly manufactured doors to complement the home’s stunning architecture and impressive build. As an experienced and well-reviewed bespoke door manufacturer with a wide repertoire of configurations and styles, Deuren was selected to complete these exciting doors, using its wealth of creativity to produce truly remarkable results for each unique solution.

Deuren's Solution

Given that no two solutions are the same, we devised numerous bespoke doors for each area of our client’s interior. Firstly, we designed and manufactured a puzzle-inspired bespoke secret door to sit seamlessly in the surrounding wall. This innovative pivot door can be opened in both directions and disappears effortlessly into the wall when closed. As well as this, we produced a solid wood and resin door to complement the live edge/river style interior design.

Using pippy oak as the main material and a vertical strip of dark resin, we manufactured an artistic solution that accentuated other intriguing aspects of the home’s interior. With various depths and materials, including a unique Phillip Watts handle, this exceptional door is a natural conversation starter. A matching Phillip Watts handle was also used on a set of double leaf doors we manufactured for the client’s modern cinema room.

We added surrounding LED lighting into the frame to reflect the appearance of a real cinema door. We manufactured a series of internal doors in our Uccio style to complete the project, using horizonal grain patterns for the centre of the leaf with contrasting vertical grain patterns around the edges. With such varied internal door requirements, this client truly understood the value of our bespoke doors

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