18 Feb 2018 - Internal Doors, Self Build

Hanging internal door sets

Changing internal doors can instantly update a space and breathe new life into your home. If you’re wondering if hanging a door is a task you can undertake yourself or you’re questioning whether you should bring in a carpenter or installer, take a look at the key pointers below to help your decision.

DIY or Professional?

You’ll find that most standard doors and door sets can be installed on a DIY basis, but bear in mind the time it’ll take will depend on the type of product being fitted. Here in the UK, we tend to hang doors using more old-fashioned techniques, which can be time-consuming and inefficient. This would usually involve fitting the frame and architraves and painting them, trimming the door if it’s oversized and then painting it once it’s been hung. In doing this, you might find your finished efforts aren’t perfect – and it’ll have taken you the best part of a day to get to this stage.

Framing the way for door sets

For a time-effective and high-quality solution, consider working with pre-hung internal door sets to ensure your dream door is the perfect fit for your project. By manufacturing each and every aspect of the door, and assembling the whole set in our factory, we can make sure your bespoke product meets our incredibly high standards before it is installed.

Doing it this way, all the alterations and finishing is taken care of in the factory rather than onsite, meaning the fitting itself will be a much quicker process. What’s more, the use of a CNC machine ensures a far superior quality of finish.

Whether you’re hanging doors yourself or drafting in professional help, download our free brochure for inspiration for contemporary and traditional finishes.

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