08 Dec 2023 - Front Doors, Garage Doors, Self Build, Architects

The art of protecting timber front and garage doors

Our breathtakingly unique front and garage doors demonstrate the perfect blend of design and technology – their components feature the latest precision technology to boost functionality, meet the highest security standards and stand the test of time while elevating your home’s kerb appeal. But what about the timber door surface?


With a variety of finishes to choose from for our external doors, we are shining the spotlight on Deuren's signature timber finish. Our expert surface finisher devotes the same level of attention and care to every hue, from the warm Honey Oak to the rich Dark Oak. With a perfected art of lacquering, we have optimized the protective performance of our matching, timber-finished front and garage doors against the elements.

About the Lacquer

The low-odour, solvent-based timber lacquer we apply is a testament to the fact that the potential of nature can be harnessed to create effective and safe products without compromising on quality. Biocide-free, it is designed to provide a good long-term shield from UV light and moderate weathering using special pigments and active UV filters while achieving authentic timber-finished external doors.

The art of application

The lacquer is a vital component in safeguarding the timber doors, but its effectiveness largely depends on the level of skill used to apply it. The timber veneers are meticulously scrutinised, handpicked, and carefully prepared before undergoing a secret, extensive process that guarantees good protection. Each step of this process, from sanding to blowing, and brushing, is carried out with absolute precision and care to beautifully condition the timber ready for the careful and precise application of lacquer.


It's important to remember that while Deuren’s timber-finished doors are built to withstand moderate conditions, the external surface of your front and garage doors will still require regular maintenance. It is recommended to wipe them down periodically with a damp cloth and to give them a light sanding and fresh coat of lacquer every 1-3 years, depending on the amount of weather and UV light they are exposed to. This will help ensure that your doors stay in top condition and continue to provide optimal protection.

Extreme Weather and UV exposure

Where your home is exposed to harsh weather or environmental conditions, or it receives extreme levels of UV light, we would always advise choosing from our wide selection of paint, LMF and Special Finishes for your external doors, that offer superior levels of protection and durability.  

Explore Deuren’s woods and finishes, and contact us to request your samples.

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