12 Sep 2023 - Self Build

Designing a foyer that leaves a lasting impression

A foyer is the first space that welcomes you and your guests - an everyday grand entrance. It sets the tone and opens up the rest of the property, so it’s important to get the details exactly how you want them. Style, materials, architecture, lighting, decor, colours - they all add up to embody your unique personality and tastes.

Here, delve into the art of designing a grand foyer that makes a powerful statement, exploring key elements and design considerations that can transform an ordinary entryway into an extraordinary showcase of elegance and luxury.

From the front door to the foyer

The gateway to a luxury foyer begins with a luxury front door, and there are several considerations to make when choosing the perfect entrance. Firstly, knowing how you’ll use your foyer can help you select suitable configurations. How will it open? Do you need a high level of security? What about accessibility features? The answers will all shape your front door’s design. Then you can get creative - browsing different front door styles and colours to complement or contrast the overall aesthetic of your home’s frontage. For example, you may choose a contemporary entrance for a modern home and foyer, harmonising with the rustic and elegant concrete-style aesthetic of an Olivo front door.

Light up your living space 

Natural lighting can elevate the ambience of your foyer, casting golden rays on the walls, glass, and materials that make it up. To make light go further and invoke a feeling of expansiveness, place mirrors in locations that reflect natural or artificial light. For many, the thought of a foyer immediately conjures images of opulent chandeliers and pendant lighting, which serve as elegant focal points. As well as windows, front doors with clear or reflective glazed panels create a stream of sunlight into your entranceway.

Harmonise with architecture

The architecture of your foyer will play a huge role in how you design it. A thoughtful approach will take in functionality, aesthetics, and overall mood you wish to create upon arriving at your home. Perhaps, like this property, your staircase takes centre stage - a skilled designer can craft a foyer to complement it - and we can certainly match the wood with our bespoke internal doors. However curved, tall, wide, narrow, or short you desire, we can ensure your stylings aren’t imitated anywhere else.

Focus on furniture and finishes

Balance is key when it comes to decorating your foyer. Is it a functional entranceway with a lot of footfall, or more of a decorative space? This will influence a lot of your design decisions. Art, vases, sculptures, or beautiful rugs and runners can help inject personality. Depending on the size of your space, furniture may need to be limited, but can include a console table, seating, shoe and coat racks, mirrors, umbrella stands, or side tables. You may keep the natural wood grain of your furniture, opt for a painted finish that works with the foyer colour scheme, or choose a special finish such as brushed brass or oxidised copper. All of our internal doors can be designed with finishes and fixtures to match your furniture for a harmonised look.

Your first step to a luxury foyer

Whether you dream of a soothing, peaceful entranceway or a dazzling, glamorous reception, our designers and craftsmen can help you achieve the unique, bespoke aesthetic you deserve. Every bespoke door we handcraft - including its leaf, frame, and architraves - is all made up of timber from the same tree, ensuring a superior, unique, and natural finish.

We manufacture, finish, and prep all our doors in our Yorkshire factory, meaning our (and effectively, your) carbon footprint is smaller with every Deuren order. To talk through your foyer project, get in touch or visit us.

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