26 Apr 2023 - Garage Doors, Architects, Front Doors, Self Build, Internal Doors

Concrete-look doors: A contemporary aesthetic

Perfect for creating an industrial, modern expression, concrete has become a popular material for interior décor. From worktops and walls to flooring and furniture, the once bland material has been given a fresh lease of life alongside creative designs and a splash of colour.

Here, we look specifically at concrete doors, and how bespoke concrete-look doors can be used to elevate your home’s style, increase kerb appeal, and make a contemporary statement.

Why concrete doors?

Shows such as Grand Designs, DIY SOS and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition sparked a surge in homeowners looking for new and wonderful ways to make their humble abodes stand out from the crowd. Concrete has been given widespread coverage on these television shows, and for good reason. 

Contemporary homes need a contemporary edge, and concrete doors add a simplistic yet sophisticated aesthetic that also feels warm and inviting. With its textured mid-toned grey finish, concrete delivers the ultimate in industrial chic. When the rest of a space is kept neutral and understated - for example, cool-hued worktops amid dark grey floor tiles - a concrete-look door truly shines out. Scatter plants around the room to bring green vibrancy to the look and enjoy a striking, soothing finish.

Concrete is a well-used component in modern designs as it lends itself perfectly to an industrial style, which enhances and emphasises elements of a design that would usually be unseen and purely functional. Many niche bars and restaurants favour this, making exceptional use of pipes and air conditioning units by drawing attention to it.

Finding a concrete-style door

Industrial style’s growing popularity has gone hand-in-hand with modern décor and its sleek, linear and minimalist designs. The concrete door look lends itself to this beautifully, exuding strength and confidence with its smooth finish and calm hue. It works brilliantly when created with wood, creating a unique bespoke finish that perfectly complements your specific interior and is both striking and practical. 

Our concrete-style finish can be applied to front, garage, and internal doors, then combined with the latest technology to help keep your home secure and energy-efficient. Deuren manufactures each and every door unique to the client and project, ensuring the perfect fit from both a structural and stylistic point of view. As a result, we customise our products to an incredible level of detail, so your concrete-style door will be exactly what you want it to be. 

Not only do you have our choice of a wide range of door styles, but also a stunning selection of finishes and colours (we can match any Farrow & Ball shade). This means we can help you create a truly exceptional entrance for your project, offering unrivalled continuity of design – especially when choosing perfectly matching front, garage, or internal concrete-style doors.

Which concrete-look door is best?

If you’re looking for an incredible contemporary front door that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors, our Olivo front and garage doors are packed with low-key rustic elegance. Manufactured in our UK factory, you can make the concrete look your own. The aesthetic of our Olivo doors complements current trends, meaning you can get creative.

From colours to configurations, handles to hardware, you can use our bespoke design service to create a modern, classic, minimalist, or creative solution that perfectly suits your style. And with superior security and energy efficiency, our concrete-look doors are a fantastic choice for any future-thinking home.

Whether you’re a home-owner, architect, self-builder, or property developer, Deuren exists to make your project flourish with luxury bespoke internal and external doors. If you’re looking to increase the value and kerb appeal of your property with a high-end concrete door aesthetic, get in touch and we’ll happily discuss your design vision.

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