16 Mar 2021 - Front Doors

What's the best front door colour?

Whether you’re buying new or refurbishing old, one of the most important considerations for a new front door is the colour. After choosing the size, material and configuration, the next question we often hear is what is the best colour for a front door?

There’s no hard and fast rule – of course, there are popular colours, such as the classic black and white options, but some people choose to add some variety and personality into their homes with bright colours. The reality is there are a few things to consider: personal taste, your existing colour scheme, the style of the property, and the style of other properties around yours. All these factors play their part in choosing a new colour for your front door.

There are also handy tools out there, including this front door personality quiz by Houzz. It takes you through a series of question to help you decide which colour might be best for you, asking questions such as what you’d normally do on a typical evening, and what you prefer to do on holiday. These questions aim to help determine what type of person you are, and therefore which colour might match your tastes. Houzz itself is a great source of inspiration, as well as other sites such as Pinterest.

Of course, Deuren doors can be produced in any colour, including RAL and Farrow & Ball colours. With such a wide range of colours, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. If you’d like to stay on trend, you could look to someone like Pantone for advice – their Home & Interiors 2017 colour palettes are a good place to start if you’re looking for on-trend hues.

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