21 Jul 2023 - Front Doors

What's the best front door colour for your home?

Look up at the sky. Is it blue and calming? Grey and contemplative? Or drenched in hot pinks and reds, burning with desire? Colours are full of emotion - they can convey different moods, evoke specific feelings, and they can also influence the perception of your home.

Since the front door is the gateway to a home, painting it the perfect colour can have a huge impact. Here, we discuss the psychological effects of various front door colours, particularly if you wish to enhance overall kerb appeal and make a positive impression on visitors.

Why is your front door colour important?

There are several reasons you should consider the colour of your home’s entrance. Choosing a distinct colour can act as a focal point, drawing attention to your property’s exterior. This not only serves as a great anchor point from an architectural perspective, but creates a welcoming impression that increases kerb appeal. If the colour harmonises with the rest of your home’s exterior, for example, by matching your front door to your garage door, landscaping, or general surroundings, it provides a cohesive and desirable aesthetic. For many, a unique shade can simply be a joyful way to reflect personal style and taste, adding character to a home and helping it stand out from neighbouring properties.

The psychology of front door colours

It helps to choose a front door colour that complements your home's style and appeals to potential buyers if you’re considering selling your home. But most importantly, it should feel right to you. Here, we list some common (and uncommon) entranceway shades, exploring their psychological associations and design impact.


Grey, beige, taupe, or off-white are the most popular front door colours, especially when selling a property. They’re versatile, timeless, and promote a sense of calm, creating an open and welcoming entrance space. Wood naturally lends itself to these shades - our front doors, frames and architraves are each made from the same batch of timber from the same tree, for a beautifully consistent finish.

Black or dark grey

Sophisticated and modern, darker shades can add a touch of elegance to your entranceway. A stunning example of this is the Etimoe shade we used when crafting this bespoke dark grey entranceway. Combined with light-maximising glazed panels, this classic colour truly offset the natural tone’s of the property’s exterior, creating a uniquely contemporary front-of-house. 


For those who love a clean and classic aesthetic, a white front door is a wise choice. It can serve as a blank canvas, allowing you to update your home’s exterior without colour-clashing. And if you’re looking to increase kerb appeal, this minimalist shade can create the illusion of space, contributing to a bright, airy feel.

Soft blues and greens

Lighter shades of blue and green are often associated with nature. As a front door shade, this can create a serene and soothing appeal, bringing a welcoming and harmonious feeling to your home’s entranceway. While green can often be connected to feelings of renewal and rejuvenation, blue is often linked to openness, stability, and trust - all positive psychological influences on both you as a homeowner and any future buyers.

Reds and pinks

It’s the year of Viva Magenta in Pantone world, but rosy and red hues aren’t a flash-in-the-pan fad. Intriguing and interesting, both pink and red front doors can create a warm, welcoming entrance, packed with passion and energy. Whether you opt for a pastel pink or bold rouge, our colour-matching service lets you create a front door in the exact tone you desire.


From warm bronze to textured gold, metallic front doors can create sleek, contemporary looks that work wonderfully with cutting-edge designs. We can provide a range of special door finishes for all kinds of creative, industrial-influenced aesthetics, such as the Patina Bronze used for this eye-catching entranceway.

While front door colour is an important element of your home's overall exterior, there are many other factors that contribute to a premium-quality door. From smart configurations to high security features, our technically superior front doors are designed to boost functionality, express your personality, and stand the test of time. Send us your front door ideas or visit our Yorkshire showroom for friendly expert advice on creating a statement entranceway for your property.

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