Creating visual impact with a matching metallic finish

Door Style



Patina Bronze


Overhead Sectional Garage Doors, Single hinged door

The Objectives

The client approached Deuren with the aim of designing front and garage doors that both complemented and elevated  the exterior of their home, in a modern yet rustic style.

Deuren's Solution

Beautifully textured, the Olivo front door has natural yet industrial overtones, allowing it to blend perfectly with both rural and urban settings. The client chose this style in our smooth Patina Bronze special finish, loved for its superb warm lustre with a beautiful reddish tint. This modern, rustic finish perfectly complemented the surrounding dappled brickwork and grey metalwork.

For continuity of style, the garage door was also finished in Patina Bronze to match the front door. Its minimalist Pianura style echoed the front door’s stunning simplicity, while achieving subtle design differentiation for added interest. Finally, the dramatic and practical overhead sectional configuration boasts flawless movement when opening and closing, and negates the need for space either side of the garage door to open.

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