17 Nov 2023 - Self Build, Company News

Deuren doors: As seen in…

Where do you look for inspiration? We might be in a new digital age and living out our days in a more environmentally conscious way, looking to new mediums and platforms to feed our minds, hearts, and souls, but will we ever tire of our most loved magazine brands, having the latest expert grip on our greatest interests, hobbies, and aspirations?

While print copies may rest on fewer coffee tables, digital copies eagerly await to inform and inspire us from our portable devices with so many of us still turning to magazines, particularly when navigating a major life event, such as having a baby, getting married or doing a self-build.

Appreciating the significance of magazines, we are delighted to have been featured in some of the most loved and trusted self-build magazines: Grand Designs, Build It, and Self Build.

Grand Designs

The Grand Designs magazine was born from the highly successful, Grand Designs, T.V. show. It is an invaluable resource of ideas and inspiration for many self-builders, renovators, and home improvers: Each issue includes amazing homes, how-to project guides, kitchen and bathroom design ideas, the latest architecture news, and Kevin McCloud’s column. Plus, unmissable tours of the amazing TV houses.

Earlier this year, Grand Designs: Renovation special edition featured a Project Buyer's Guide that highlighted front doors. We were thrilled to see that our Olivo front door in Patina Bronze with a sidelight was included, as it perfectly embodies the marriage of clean lines, rustic texture, and industrial overtones. This project is a testament to how design can elevate any architectural style and setting.

Build It

Build It magazine is an essential resource for anyone planning a bespoke home-building project. Whether you're keen to tackle a self-build, house renovation, extension, or conversion, Build It is packed with inspirational reader homes, in-depth design advice and practical, expert guidance to help you make a success of your project.

It is a pleasure to be able to showcase our creativity and craftsmanship in the pivot door feature of the July 2023 edition of Build It magazine. Our bespoke pivot door, functioning as a secret door, was a true masterpiece, seamlessly blending into its surroundings. The three-dimensional stacked wooden block effect and unique geometry of the door leaf truly made it stand out. It was an honour to work on such an interesting and enjoyable project, and we take pride in the final result.


SelfBuild Ireland is a magazine that specializes in assisting individuals who want to either self-build or improve their homes. Through exhibitions, magazines, and online resources, SelfBuild is dedicated to delivering what truly matters, whether it's innovative new concepts, services, new products, projects, or the fundamentals of building a dream home.

Discover the cutting-edge design of Deuren's Vario 4 internal door, featured in SelfBuild's Autumn 2023 issue. With the innovative use of a single sheet of veneer, this door style showcases how stunning contemporary aesthetics can be achieved with a flush door design. The wood grain patterns arranged both horizontally and vertically illustrate how creative design can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

For more door inspiration see our full product gallery. Or book an appointment to visit our showroom.

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