11 Sep 2018 - Self Build

Make the most of small places in your home

Making the use of small spaces in your home is efficient and can add a contemporary edge, so we’ve put together some smart ideas to cleverly utilise the small areas in your house. The space under your stairs presents endless possibilities to suit near enough everyone.

From a bookworm’s safe haven with infinite bookshelves to a cosy workspace with all your office essentials, this common space can be easily transformed into a chilled hideaway. Of course, cupboards under the stairs also makes an ideal coat closet which instantly de-clutters your hallway. Placing numerous mirrors around your home maximises your rooms and makes them look significantly larger. Group a collection together to create a centrepiece in your home whilst also creating the illusion of a larger space due to the reflections and light bouncing around the room.

Many people think that adding big pieces of furniture will make a room look small, when in fact it actually does the opposite.Using a large headboard in a bedroom will trick the eye into thinking the room is more spacious than it is. Vertical storage is a fantastic way of keeping untidiness out of the way and can give rooms a minimalistic ‘Scandinavian’ feel. This method of storage can be implemented virtually anywhere, whether it be the back of your bathroom door or making a stack wardrobe on your wall.

Another simple and easy way of ensuring you can take advantage of the room in your house is by purchasing furniture which has storage space within it. This is a perfect method for cosmopolitan individuals who wish to keep the clutter down to a minimum. Beds with storage underneath have been making appearances in bedrooms for years; and there may be some other furniture pieces which you’ve never really given much thought on, such as an ottoman. These add class to any bedroom, yet have a dual use for hiding away items underneath.

Finally, pocket and sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular due to their space-saving properties and aesthetic charm. You can read more about them here or see our full range of bespoke doors to complement your stylish home here.

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