18 Apr 2018 - Internal Doors, Self Build

Why buy an internal door set?

We know that internal doors are a vital part of your house’s overall look, and you need to take care when deciding what type and style you’re going to go for. Various factors need to be taken into consideration, such as your current living space, as well as functionality. We offer a range of materials, colours and finishes to make sure that your internal door is perfect for your home.

When choosing internal doors, more often than not you will want a consistent style and feel throughout the whole house. When this is the case, a contemporary internal door set can be the perfect answer. Door sets are commonplace across Europe, however, here in the UK, we tend to use the traditional method of hiring a joiner to manually fit doors piece by piece. Sometimes referred to as pre-hung door sets, internal door sets offer a consistently high level of quality as they are precisely engineered in the factory beforehand, and are much easier to fit.

When you buy one of our internal door sets, you’re not just buying a door – you are receiving a complete solution designed to make your life easier. You don’t have to worry about sorting the door lining, stop beads, architraves, handles, latches and hinges – simply match your doors to your style and everything else comes as standard, ensuring nothing is forgotten.

The beauty of pre-hung internal door sets is that they are completely flexible in terms of design, allowing you to customize them to fit in with any interior design theme. Whether it’s traditional or contemporary, we can help you create a set of doors like no other, which are perfectly consistent throughout the whole house.

Whilst the initial outlay may be more, cost savings on time and labour needed to fit a traditional door help make door sets a much more cost-efficient way of bringing your own personal style to your home. This is because door sets simply slot into the wall opening, with no need to hire a joiner to fit them.

To make sure everything is okay, we’ll visit your property beforehand to make sure we’ve got the correct measurements for the wall opening, and offer any advice to ensure you receive the perfect door for you.

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