A self builder's dream home


Natural Oak


Single leaf

The Objectives

Our self-builder client had taken the decision to knock down their old home and build a new one after searches to buy a new home in their local area had left them feeling disappointed. Once the project got under way, they carried out countless hours of research and attended many exhibitions, eventually getting round to looking into door suppliers. For this self builder, the design and overall appearance of every door was important. However, just as crucial to them was the operation of the door and all its features. Our customer had vowed to only deal with suppliers and products that met their high standards and they were already aware of the quality of Deuren. Their dream house had been an ongoing project for four years – aesthetics were hugely important to them and the brief entailed oak internal doors to match the oak entrance door they’d previously had made by Deuren.

Deuren's Solution

We supplied 20 internal doors in a natural oak finish from the Trem Glass and Vario 4 ranges to perfectly finish off the home. The customer commented that while the design was what they noticed first, actually using them every day reminds them of the quality of Deuren doors. The magnetic latches, the hidden hinges and the noise they make on opening and closing assured this customer they’d made the right choice.

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