A truly unique front door

Door Style

Vario 6


Natural Oak


Single Leaf , Double leaf

The Objectives

Our client came to us looking for doors to complement the stunning architecture and craftsmanship of a new home. Having chosen our range of Vario 6 Natural Oak doors, a mixture of single and double leaf, all bespoke and made to measure, we were then asked to design a bespoke front door. Security and high-performing safety features were key requirements for our client. 

Deuren's Solution

The double leaf Vario 6 was installed at the rear of the main entrance corridor, with a further two single leaf doors at either side. Our Vario 6 internal doors include premium features as standard, providing additional security with a high-quality design. Doorframes and matching architraves are made from the same timber to guarantee a consistent design that is fully bespoke. The flexible door seal prevents slamming and drafts, while the hidden hinges and magnetic door latch enhance security and maintain a minimal design. The three doors installed in the hallway complement the home decor while adding a touch of sophistication to the hallway setting.

Given that security was a huge priority for the client, we were able to meet requirements with RC2 security rated as standard. The door we produced also has the option of being upgraded to RC3. Triple glazing is also a standard and very important feature for many homes when it comes to energy efficiency. We were able to match our client’s exterior design thanks to the wide range of lacquers and finishes, meaning imagination was the only boundary to create a truly unique door.

Security and high-performing safety features were key requirements.

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